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Zebras are sanctuary animals. They are unlocked at reputation level 3.

Like all other sanctuary animals, players can only have four of them, one of each type.


Zebras have two different adult appearances: cowlick and mohawk, and two baby appearances: brown and grey.


Hay Day Update 2019-NEW Sanctuary Animal!! ZEBRAS!!

Unlocking zebras

Completed Puzzles-Adult

Completed Puzzles-Baby

Unlike other animals, zebras cannot be bought. Players must unlock them by finding puzzle pieces (which are collected in a log book). 36 pieces are required for each animal.

Once players have obtained the first adult zebra, the puzzle for the other adult zebra is unlocked, and so on for baby zebras.

Placing zebras

Players must pick up a zebra house to be able to place the animal in the sanctuary. The house is free and can be obtained from the Shop. ShopShop.

When the second puzzle is completed, players are asked to upgrade the house, which does not cost anything. The same happens when players complete the baby zebras puzzle. When the house is big enough to welcome a new animal, it is delivered in a crate, "airlifted" into the sanctuary by balloons.

Feeding zebras

Wheat Bundle.png

Zebras, like other sanctuary animals, can be fed with wheat bundles. Once zebras have eaten they roam the sanctuary for ten hours and finally fall asleep. Players can immediately wake them up to receive 25 xpxp per animal and a chance to get supplies. They stay asleep otherwise.

Zebras which have been woken up but are not fed for a long while cannot fall asleep and wander around looking sleepy and tired.

  • Tip: Waking up sanctuary animals one by one instead of using a whistle can increase your chance of getting supplies.


Each zebra unlocks some decorations in the shop as specified below:

With each animal players are given the first pair of decorations for free. They are unlocked in the Shop when you get the first animal.