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Wheel of fortune truck

The wheel of fortune is a way for players to win prizes. The wheel of fortune truck comes to every farm once a day at 12:00 AM UTC. After a period of time, the truck leaves for the day and return the next.

It is unlocked at experience level 8.

Spinning the wheel

The wheel

A counter-clockwise or clockwise motion activates the wheel (it spins once the finger is taken off). When the wheel stops moving, the prize that the arrow lands on is given to the player. The first spin for the day is free.

The wheel can be spun again for free if it lands on the jackpot. Players can also buy new spins using diamonds: 1 for the first extra spin, 2 for the second, 3 for the third, etc.


Possible prizes are: coins, crops, decorations, products, supplies, vouchers and boosters. The wheel always features one decoration, one voucher and one booster.

Several events guarantee the player the possibility to win special items: supplies, vouchers, puzzle pieces and expansion permits.

When these are available the truck and the wheel become purple. The truck stays all day too.

Winning the jackpot

Full jackpot
Jackpot gains

When the arrow lands on the star icon, the player wins the jackpot (i.e. a certain amount of coins) and can spin the wheel again. The more times the arrow lands on the star in one day, the more the amount of coins awarded increases.

The value for the jackpot changes as the player levels up. For example the first jackpot for a level 55 player would be 4,800 coins, while the first jackpot for a level 94 player would be 13,200 coins.

If the player lands on the star three times in a row, the full jackpot is awarded.

Did you know?

  • Prizes won using the wheel are added to the barn or silo, even if they are full.