A voucher

Vouchers are a type of currency used to buy pets, decorations and customization options. They are also used to make fishing lures.

They are unlocked at experience level 20.

Types of voucher

Vouchers come in four colors. From the easiest to get to the rarest:

Green Voucher.png Blue Voucher.png Purple Voucher.png Golden Voucher.png

Obtaining vouchers

Players can obtain vouchers by:

Buying vouchers


Vouchers can also be bought using diamonds:

  • 15 for a green one
  • 30 for a blue one
  • 50 for a purple one
  • and 80 for a golden one.

Using vouchers

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Strategy tips

  • While each voucher has a value (in diamonds), this does not reflect their rarity. I've taken several measurements and found that the probability ratio of vouchers is 1 Gold : 5 Purple : 10 Blue : 25 Green. This simply means that the odds of being rewarded with a green voucher is 25-out-of-41, blue is 10-out-of-41, purple is 5-out-of-41, and gold is 1-out-of-41. Another way to look at it is if you start with zero gold vouchers and want to save up 20 in order to buy the Anatolian Donkey, you'll also accumulate 100 purple, 200 blue, and 500 green vouchers in that timeframe, on average. --User:Alpha1243

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