Token Wallet

The valley shop is where you can purchase items with tokens. The shop has two stores: the normal store and the seasonal store.

The valley shop is unlocked at experience level 25.

Normal store

Players can buy supplies, boosters and decorations in the normal store.

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Item Number Cost

Seasonal store

Items in the seasonal store are locked until the required number of chickens (50 for the trial season) has been collected.

The store offers 3 special items every season. Each item can only be purchased once, unless you have suffiecient coins in your Piggy Bank, then you have the possibility of purchasing 2 items in the seasonal store.

Trial season:

  • Valentine's Wagon decoration
  • 5 puzzle pieces
  • 3 expansion permits

1st season:

  • 40 diamonds
  • Valley Car decoration
  • Three 5-star boosters

2nd season:

  • 40 diamonds
  • Valley Train decoration
  • Three 5-star boosters

3rd season:

  • 40 diamonds
  • Valley Boat decoration
  • Three 5-star boosters

4th season:

  • 40 diamonds
  • Valley Plane decoration
  • Three 5-star boosters

5th season:

  • 40 diamonds
  • Valley Scooter decoration
  • Three 5-star boosters

6th season:

  • 40 diamonds
  • Valley Balloon Decoration 
  • Three 5-star boosters

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