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Valley board

The valley is a game feature which gives players a new area to play in with other players (their neighbors and solo players) and the opportunity to gain tokens.

It is unlocked at level 25.

Going to the valley

Players can go to the valley by tapping on the valley board when a season is ongoing. A season usually lasts about three weeks. If there is no poster on the board then the valley is unavailable.

Valley buildings

  • The Fuel Spin where players can get fuel.
  • The various houses and shops in the valley where players can drive to in order to fulfill requests and earn tokens.
  • The valley shop where you can use your tokens to buy special items, such as Saws, Land Deeds, ex.
  • TBA

Valley Videos

Did you know?

  • The valley is the biggest feature that has been added to the game since the Town in May 2014.
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