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Valley board

The valley is a game feature introduced at 24 June 2019 which gives players a new area to play in with other players (their neighbors and solo players) and the opportunity to gain tokens.

It is unlocked at level 25.

Going to the valley

Players can go to the valley by tapping on the valley board when a season is ongoing. A season usually lasts about three weeks. If there is no poster on the board then the valley is unavailable.

Valley buildings

  • The Fuel Spin where players can get fuel.
  • Road stops, which counts one fuel when passed or stayed at.
  • Fuel station allows you to buy limited fuel using diamonds. It sometimes give fuel for free when you arrived.
  • The various houses and shops in the valley where players can drive to in order to fulfill requests and earn tokens.
  • The valley shop where you can use your tokens to buy special items, such as Saws, Land Deeds, ex.


Quest can be found on the bottom-light calendar button. Every day you get 4 quests. They can be completed by performing certain actions in valley, such as visit fish shop, visit diner, earn tokens, drive to a number of buildings or road stops. When you completed a certain number of quests, you get a Mystery Box or lucky bonus game, described below.

Lucky Bonus

The Lucky Bonus game is achieved by completing Daily Quests.  You play by uncovering tiles which contain prizes or bombs.  The prizes you find are accumulated.  You can quit the game at any time and collect your prizes, or press your luck to win more prizes.  Finding a bomb will end the game and you will lose all of your prizes. You will be offered the option to retain your prizes and continue by spending diamonds.  The number of diamonds required begins at 10 and increased to 30, 60, and 90 as you hit more bombs.  It’s a freeroll, so best of luck!


  • If you don't have much fuel, stop at diner or fish shop and wait until tomorrow to see if you can complete a quest immediately.
  • To save fuel, use at most 2 fuel to arrive another building. Try to get all the goods requested by the buildings nearby. Complete delivery tasks which require only 2 fuel to complete delivery.

Did you know?

  • The valley is the biggest feature that has been added to the game since the Town in May 2014. 

Valley Videos

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