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I enjoy playing Boom Beach and especially Hay Day. I began playing Hay Day in May 2014.  I lead my own neighborhood, which is a teaching neighborhood. I take new members through how to play Hay Day in an optimal manner -- avoiding common pitfalls and maximizing their coins, diamonds, vouchers, and tools. I've created a neighborhood website and a pair of Facebook groups to use as aids. Only members have access to these tools, so if you're interested in joining us please use our Neighborhood ID from the table below and let us know you found us via the Hay Day Wiki!

As of 8 Feb 2021

Fishing Book: 172/172    Pets: 46/46    Wildlife: 18/18    Max Weight Fish: 17/43
Style Book:  21/21    Collection Book:  233/233
My Farm
Farm Name: The Professor
Experience 193 Reputation 68
Achievements 150/150 Riverboat 97,633
Silo 12,350 Barn 13,650
Neighborhood: The Playbook
Neighborhood ID: #82980LGR

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