Apple Tree

Trees and bushes are plants which let players collect fruit and nectar, shelter honey bees, and decorate their farm.

Fruit plants are unlocked at experience level 15. Nectar bushes and the beehive tree are unlocked at level 39. Decorative trees are unlocked at level 1.

Fruit plants

Fruit plants are either trees or bushes which let players collect various fruit. These trees and bushes grow in four stages and consequently only give four harvests. Players must wait a certain amount of time --from several hours to longer than a day depending on the plant-- between harvests to let the plant grow and produce fruit.

The first harvest gives two fruit, the second one three and the last two ones four.

After the third harvest the plant wilts and must be revived by another player (see below). After the last harvest, the plant dies. Players can cut down trees with saws and bushes with axes.

Apple Tree Raspberry Bush Cherry Tree Blackberry Bush
Apple tree Raspberry bush Cherry tree Blackberry bush
Lvl 15 Lvl 19 Lvl 22 Lvl 26
Apple Raspberry Cherry Blackberry
160 coinCoins 220 coinCoins 410 coinCoins 530 coinCoins
16 h 16 h 1 d 3 h 1 d 8 h
Cacao Tree Coffee Bush Olive Tree Lemon Tree
Cacao tree Coffee bush Olive tree Lemon tree
Lvl 36 Lvl 42 Lvl 57 Lvl 66
Cacao Coffee Bean Olive Lemon
550 coinCoins 375 coinCoins 620 coinCoins 670 coinCoins
1 d 11 h 1 d 1 d 1 d 5 h
Orange Tree Peach Tree Banana Tree Plum Tree
Orange tree Peach tree Banana tree Plum tree
Lvl 71 Lvl 76 Lvl 88 Lvl 94
Orange Peach Banana Plum
720 coinCoins 750 coinCoins 800 coinCoins 600 coinCoins
1 d 7 h 1 d 6 h 1 d 3 h 1 d 1 h

Nectar bushes and beehive tree

Main article: Nectar Bush

Main article: Beehive Tree

Nectar Bush
Beehive Tree Stage 1

Nectar bushes are used to let honey bees collect nectar which they then bring to their beehives located in the Beehive Tree.

Players can have as many bushes as they want but, like fruit ones, these die once a bee has collected 250 drops of nectar from it. They can be revived once by other players and cut down with an axe.

Unlike fruit plants they turn white when wilted or dead and some players use them as decorations.

Players can only have one beehive tree. This tree grows in four stages as bees bring more nectar to it. It never dies.

The Beehive Tree costs 4000coinCoins and the Nectar Bush costs 120coinCoins per se.

Decorative plants

Main article: Decorations

Heart Topiary
Leafy Tree
Rose Fence Red

Players can decorate their farm and their town with various topiaries.

The game also lets players plant pine trees and leafy trees. They come in different sizes and leaf color. However, unlike trees present at the beginning of the game, they are never themed.

Some decorative trees are only available during holidays such as the Christmas Tree and the Spider Tree.

Finally, bushes can be planted to create hedges.

Decorative plants do not have any growth cycle and never die.

Buying these decorations cost coins, diamonds or vouchers and give players experience points.

Reviving a plant

Tree Revival Stage 1
  • When a tree or a bush is wilted players can tap on the help (!) sign to signal other players that it needs to be revived. Any player who visits the farm can revive the tree. The help sign is also displayed in the friends bar and in the Daily Dirt if the player is selling an item.
Tree Revival Stage 2
  • If connected to Facebook, players can use the "megaphone" to let their friends know they need help.
Tree Revival Stage 3
  • Once a player has helped, their avatar is displayed on the tree.
Tree Revival Stage 4
  • Players need to tap on the avatar to complete the revival process. An envelope then appears. Tapping on it sends a thank you note to the player who revived the plant.

Reviving a plant gives experience points to the player who revived it. It gives as many points as collecting a fruit from this plant does.

Players can opt not to have their plant revived and cut it down immediately.

Reviving wilted trees and bushes contributes to the 'Help' task in derbies.

Strategy tips

  • If you are in a neighborhood, save trees and bushes which can be revived if a derby is ongoing or is soon starting to help farmers in your neighborhood complete the task of helping others quickly and thus gain many Derby Points.
  • If you wish to get your tree or bush as revived as soon as possible, put something up for sale in your shop and advertise it.
  • Be careful about the number of trees and bushes you plant. You might find yourself unable to cut/ chop them down when dead because you don't have enough supplies. Not taking into account aesthetics, dead trees take up valuable space from your farm.


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