The train stations are buildings in the player's farm and town. The farm station lets players go to the town while the town station lets town visitors visit the player's town.

They are both unlocked at experience level 34.

The farm station and the town order board

The farm station
The order board

The farm station lets players go to the town area.

Repairing the station costs 39,000 coins and takes three days (or 97 diamonds). After the initial repair players are given 39 experience points.

Next to the station is an order board which let players know what town visitors require for their orders when they tap on it. Otherwise it shows a smiley face when all visitors are satisfied, a green check mark when players have all the items required for waiting customers or an exclamation mark when they do not.

The town station

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Town station

The town station lets town visitors get off the EGGspress train into the player's town. Repairing this station is free.

The town station lets players know when to expect the next train, and how many visitors will be on that train. Upgrading the station increases the capacity of the EGGspress train.

The EGGspress train

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EGGspress Train.png

The EGGspress train brings and takes back town visitors. It comes every six hours and initially bring 3 visitors.

Upgrading the train station increases its capacity. Waiting time cannot be decreased, though.

The personal train

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The personal train

The personal train lets players pick up visitors from neighboring towns, including Greg's, to bring them to their town.

The personal train can be upgraded with refined coal and metal bars. With each upgrade players can choose whether to increase the number of visitors (to maximum of 10) who can be picked up or shorten the maintenance time of the train (to minimum of 1.5 hour).


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