Town Hall Stage 4

The town is a game feature which gives players a new area to play in and the opportunity to gain coins, experience points, and reputation points by filling town visitors' orders.

It can be unlocked at experience level 34 by repairing the train station located on the farm.

From reputation level 3 and up, it lets players interact with the sanctuary.

Going to the town

Farm Train Station Locked

Repairing the farm's train station costs 39,000 coins, takes three days (or 97 diamonds) and awards 39 experience points. After taking the handcar to go to the town players must repair the town's train station and the Town Hall. It is free to repair these.

Town buildings

There are several buildings in the town (see the map below):

Town Map

Town characters


Main article: Hay Day

Mr. Wicker, a talking scarecrow, guides players through the first steps when they unlock the town and later when they unlock the sanctuary.


Main article: Town Visitors

Ten different non-player characters come to visit towns and request orders in the different service buildings.


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Many items can be placed in the town to decorate it, and create paths and fences.


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Plot Locked Town

Players can expand the town using expansion supplies.

Layout Edit Mode

Edit Mode Icon

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From experience level 34 onwards, players can use the Layout Edit Mode to edit the current layout of their town and to create new ones.


Hay Day Town Introduction Tutorial

Hay Day Town Introduction Tutorial

Strategy tips

  • There is much more room in the town than on the farm so expanding the land there is not as critical.