Tokens are the main currency of the valley. They allow players to buy items in the valley shop. They are unlocked at experience level 25.

Types of tokens

Tokens come in three colors and three shapes. They are blue token, green token and pink token.

Getting tokens

Players can get tokens by fulfilling various requests from valley buildings such as:

  • Complete delivery quest
  • Complete product request
  • Complete cooperative quest
  • Sanctuary animals theme season only: Pick up animals, drive to animals collection point, remove them. This action gives a lot of tokens.
  • Finding it randomly on the road
  • Fix other players' broken truck
  • End of season: From Piggy Bank

Spending tokens

Main article: Valley Shop

Players can only spend tokens at Valley Shop. They can buy items in normal store at any time, or at seasonal store when the season ends. Players are not allowed to accumulate tokens across seasons.

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