Tackle box

The tackle box is the building where lures, nets and traps can be stored. It unlocks at experience level 27. The tackle box is already standing when the Fishing Lake is unlocked and doesn't have to be repaired.


The appearance of the tackle box changes as the player upgrades it. Its final appearance is displayed when the box can store at least ? items.


The tackle box can initially hold 20 items. Upgrading it increases its capacity by five spaces, to a maximum capacity of 1000.

The box can be upgraded using the following materials. Each upgrade requires the same number of nails, screws and wood panels but the number of items requires increases by 1 with each upgrade (see the table below).

Upgrading table

Capacity from-to Nail.png+Screw.png+Wood Panel.png
20 - 25 x1
25 - 30 x2
30 - 35 x3
35 - 40 x4
40 - 45 x5
45- 50 x6
etc. etc.

Strategy tips

  • You need the same items to upgrade the silo and the tackle box.
  • Upgrading the tackle box is not a priority at first but can help when you are doing fishing tasks in derbies and need lots of lures.

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