Sugarcane is a field crop unlocked at experience level 7.

It is exclusively used to make sugar and syrup in the Sugar Mill, and cannot be combined with any other product.

Like all crops it is stored in the silo.


Sugarcane grows in fields by planting another sugarcane plant (either previously harvested or purchased). Each plot yields 2 plants (net gain of 1 plant) and 3 experience points, and takes 30 minutes to mature.


Roadside Shop
  • Sugarcane can be sold or bought for a maximum price of 144 coinCoins for 10 units.
  • Buying a field only costs 1 coinCoins but the number of fields players can have is determined by their level.


Sugarcane is used to make the following products:

Brown Sugar White Sugar Syrup
Sugarcanex1 Sugarcanex2 Sugarcanex4
Level 7 Level 13 Level 18

Boat orders


Boat orders ask for 14 to 29 sugarcane per crate, up to a total of 116 per boat.

Strategy tips

  • Sugarcane is uncommon enough that selling it at a lower price is not necessary.
  • Sugarcane can often be found in the Daily Dirt, but sells very quickly.
  • Sugar requires one or two units while syrup needs 4 units. You need to make a lot of sugar in the game so storing lots of sugarcane is recommended.
  • You can also earn coins by harvesting sugarcane and selling sugar and syrup at maximum price in your shop.