The Smelter is a production building unlocked at experience level 24. Players can have up to five smelters.

It is used to make silver bars, gold bars, platinum bars, iron bars, and refined coal.


The Smelter is a brick furnace, with a chimney, an oven and a mold to pour molten metal or coal into. A casket of ore sits next to it.

The mastered version has a golden star on its casket, as well as copper bricks.


It takes 18 hours or 42 diaDiamond to build each smelter and gives players 21 xpExperience when completed. It costs more and more coins to build them:

  • 12,500 coinCoins for the 1st one
  • 22,000 coinCoins for the 2nd one
  • 31,500 coinCoins for the 3rd one
  • 41,000 coinCoins for the 4th one
  • 50,500 coinCoins for the 5th one


Silver Bar Gold Bar Platinum Bar
Silver bar Gold bar Platinum bar
Lvl 24 Lvl 25 Lvl 25
8 h
★★★ 6 h 48 min
12 h
★★★ 10 h 12 min
16 h
★★★ 13 h 36 min
147coinCoins 180coinCoins 205coinCoins
18xpExperience 21xpExperience 24xpExperience
Refined Coal Iron Bar
Refined coal Iron bar
Lvl 33 Lvl 34
6 h
★★★ 5 h 6 min
7 h
★★★ 5 h 57 min
108coinCoins 129coinCoins
13xpExperience 15xpExperience


Main article: Production Buildings

The Smelter originally has one slot available. Unlocking the second slot costs 6 diamonds. Players can unlock 8 new slots in total, each new one costing 3 more diaDiamond than the previous one. Alternatively, they can spend a total of 132 diaDiamond to completely upgrade their machine.


A total of 8,110 hours of production is required to master the Smelter:

Smelter Mastered ★
390 hrs
1,540 hrs
6,180 hrs
Mastery I Mastery II 10 Smelter Mastery
+10% coinCoins +10% xpExperience 15% faster

Strategy tips

  • Each bar requires 3 units of ore.
  • Producing bars is tied to the Helter Smelter achievement.
  • The Smelter is very hard to master if you do not have five of them.
  • Selling bars is not profitable at all considering the time it takes to make them.

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