Settings Icon

Through the game's settings, players can change game options, access help and support, connect to Facebook / Google Play / Game Center, access news, and find relevant links.       

Settings can be accessed by tapping on the settings icon (gear) in the upper left corner of the screen.  

The settings window has 3 tabs:

  • Settings
  • Community
  • More

1. The Settings tab

Settings iOS

In the settings tab, players can:

  • access Help and Support
  • change their farm name and the game language
  • access advanced settings
  • turn on or off music and sounds
  • connect to Facebook / Google Play / Game Center

Help and support section

Help UI

The Help and Support panel shows what is new, known issues, answers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and is where players go to receive help from Hay Day Support. Players can search Help and Support by using the magnifying glass in the top right corner.

Help Contact

If the player can not find an answer to a problem, they can contact Hay Day Support through the "Contact Us" icon in the top right corner (if available), or, after searching, the "Contact Us" will be at the bottom of the page.

Help Message

Players write their message to support and leave their name, they can also choose to leave their email address. Players can also attach screenshots or other images by tapping on the image icon in the top right corner. Once finished they tap the send arrow icon, also in the top right corner. A notification will appear on the settings icon when support has responded.

Advanced Settings section

Players can change even more settings in this panel. If a green tick is displayed the setting is enabled; otherwise, it's disabled.

Advanced Settings Neighborhood Neighborhood
Players can enable or disable the neighborhood chat.
Advanced Settings Derby Derby
Players can opt in or out of the derby. If the green check-mark is showing the player is opted in to the next derby. If there is no check-mark the player is opted out of the next derby.
Advanced Settings Fishing Notifications
Players can choose whether they want to get notifications about various events. Players only receive notifications when they are not playing.
Advanced Settings Town and Double Tap Double Tap Confirmation
The double tap confirmation step reduces unintentional use of diamonds. However, it does not work when making lures, purchasing decorations, or when the game loads a pop-up window.

Connection to Facebook, Google Play and Game Center

To attach their farms to any of these, players must log into Facebook, Google Play or Game Center first then load the game. They can enable or disable the connection to Facebook and Google Play by using the corresponding buttons. Farms permanently attach themselves to the first account chosen.

When connected:

  • the game displays the first name and profile picture corresponding the site they're connected to.
  • progress in the game is saved, and can be accessed from another device or restored if needed.
  • the game automatically adds Facebook and Game Center friends who also play Hay Day and have linked their games to their accounts.
  • players can add other players as friends in the game if they become Facebook or Game Center friends.
  • the "megaphone" can be used to notify Facebook friends when a player needs help.
  • players can track their achievements in Game Center and Google Play.
  • leaders, co-leaders and elders of a neighborhood, can send out membership invites to Facebook and Game Center friends by visiting their friends' farms and tapping on the envelope icon next to their names.

There is currently no way to add friends to the game through Google Play.

2. The Community tab

Settings Community

The Community tab provides links to:

3. The More tab

Settings More

The More tab provides links to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Parents' Guide and credits.

If a player loses their game, Supercell may send them a recovery code, which can be found in this tab.