The sanctuary

The wildlife sanctuary or simply sanctuary is a game feature which mainly lets players collect experience points when feeding sanctuary animals in the town. It's similar to feeding pets in the farm.

It is unlocked at reputation level 3 and is located on the far right of the town.

Building the sanctuary

Repairing the bookstand
Repaired book stand

To access the sanctuary, players need to repair the book stand and have one strip of land touching the sanctuary.

Repairing the book stand costs 10,000 coins and takes 4 hours (or 21 diamonds). Players get 11 experience points for repairing it.

Sanctuary animals

There are five types of animals. Each type of animal comes in two styles. One animal is randomly unlocked when repairing the book stand.

Unlocking animals

Puzzle piece

In order to unlock any of the animals, players need to collect puzzle pieces, displayed and stored in the log book. Each animal picture requires 36 puzzle pieces to be complete.

Getting puzzle pieces

These puzzle pieces are obtainable through mystery boxes, special events, derbies, and by completing special boats marked with a puzzle piece.

Puzzle pieces go directly into the log book and do not occupy space in the barn, and the log book stays open to indicate one or more pieces have been added.

Which animal gets a puzzle piece is completely at random (i.e. the first maybe for the Grey Elephant and the second may be for the Brown Hippo); however, the first animal of each type must be unlocked before a puzzle piece is given for the second animal of that type. Baby animals are also unlocked after adult animals are.

Sanctuary decorations

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Each unlocked animal also unlocks a pair of decorative items, as portrayed in their puzzles.

Sanctuary visitors

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Some town visitors wish to see a particular animal at the end of their stay in a player's town. Players can see which one want to visit them in the town hall with a paw print symbol. When players have the specified animal, the visitor will go and watch the animal for a short while, make a comment (shown briefly in a bubble above the visitor's head), then leave an extra gift next to the book stand.

The gift can be diamonds, coins, vouchers, or any one of the supplies offered in the game.

Players can see in advance which animal the visitor wants to see using the Town Hall.

Only visitors brought in by the EGGspress train may wish to see the sanctuary and they must be fully served. Rejected visitors will go directly to the train station.

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