Red-Tailed Catfish

Red-tailed catfish are a type of fish.

Like all types of fish, each red-tailed catfish gives one fish fillet when caught.

The largest weight for this class of fish is 14.528.

Catching red-tailed catfish

Red-tailed catfish can be caught with red and green lures in swampy spots only - these are fishing spot #9 (the swampy area next to the Duck Salon), spot #13 (the swampy area in the bottom left corner), or in spot #14 (the swampy area at the bottom, below spot #11) - and can be caught only during fishing events. When fishing in those spots under those conditions, if a small circle appears when using a red lure it is guaranteed that it will be a Red-tailed catfish, as it is the only fish that can be caught by using a red lure with a small circle. 

It should be noted that the probability of hooking a red-tailed catfish with a red lure seems to be smaller than when using a green lure - perhaps in the neighborhood of a 2% to 5% chance on any given cast. It often takes dozens of tries with a red lure before a small circle appears, indicating a red-tailed catfish. 

As is the case with other trophy-sized fish, red-tailed catfish are active, often pull hard and unpredictably, and combined with the smaller fishing circle these traits make them harder to catch than most fish.

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Red-tailed catfish in the fishing book

Red-Tailed Catfish Photo

The red-tailed catfish is on page 19 of the fishing book:

This big, beautiful fish has a massive appetite. You might lose a lure or two! It's the only seasonal fish which can be caught with a red lure.

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