Raspberries are fruit crops unlocked at experience level 19. They grow on raspberry bushes and can be harvested four times.

They are used as ingredients in several food products but also as a dyeing agent for clothes and a scent for candles.

Like all crops, they are stored in the silo.

Harvesting raspberries

Raspberry bush

The first harvest gives two raspberries, the second one three, and the other two four. After the third harvest the bush wilts.

Tapping on the bush places a sign on it letting other players know the bush needs to be revived. Once it is, a last harvest can be done before the bush dies. An axe is then required to cut it.

Selling raspberries

Roadside Shop
  • Raspberries can be sold or bought for a maximum price of 468 coincoin for ten fruit.
  • Buying a raspberry bush costs 220 coincoin.
  • Given all 13 raspberries are collected during the four harvests, the batch can be sold for 608 coincoin, thus giving a profit of 388 coincoin per bush.

Using raspberries

Raspberries are used to make the following products:

Raspberry muffin

Red berry cake

Violet dress

Raspberry Muffin Red Berry Cake Violet Dress
Raspberry.pngx2 Raspberry.pngx1 Raspberry.pngx1
Level 19 Level 23 Level 25
Berry juice Raspberry jam Raspberry mocha
Berry Juice Raspberry Jam Raspberry Mocha
Raspberry.pngx1 Raspberry.pngx3 Raspberry.pngx1
Level 31 Level 36 Level 46
Raspberry candle Fancy cake Berry smoothie
Raspberry Candle Fancy Cake Berry Smoothie
Raspberry.pngx2 Raspberry.pngx3 Raspberry.pngx3
Level 52 Level 54 Level 64
Yogurt smoothie Sun hat
Yogurt Smoothie Sun Hat
Raspberry.pngx2 Raspberry.pngx1
Level 70 Level 75

Boat orders

  • Boat orders ask for 6 to 10 raspberries per crate, up to a total of 40 per boat.

Strategy tips

  • Each bush gives a maximum of 13 raspberries in 72 hours minimum.
  • Although raspberries can occasionally be found in the Daily Dirt you shouldn't expect to get them there. They are rare enough that selling them at maximum price is recommended.
  • Recipes ask for 1 to 3 raspberries so you need to have several extra bushes to cover your needs. Extras can also be useful if you have boats with raspberry crates. However, make sure you have enough axes when you harvest some if you don't want to have dead bushes on your farm.
  • Tight ranks of bushes attract foxes. If it's an issue space them out a bit.
  • Saving revivable bushes and trees is an easy way to achieve help tasks during derbies. Neighbors and friends can help by waiting until you have started your task to flag their dead plants.

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