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A product

Products are items made or collected from production buildings. There are currently 271 products in the game.

All but lures, nets and traps can be sold in the roadside shop for coins. All but lures, nets, traps, ore, and feed let players fill truck, boat and town orders and earn experience points.

Products are stored in the barn or the tackle box.

For a much more comprehensive table see our Goods List. Note that it may not be mobile-friendly, though.

Bread Chicken feed Cow feed Cream
Bread Chicken Feed Cow Feed Cream
Level 2 Level 3 Level 6 Level 6
Corn bread Brown sugar Popcorn Butter
Corn Bread Brown Sugar Popcorn Butter
Level 7 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9
Pancake Pig feed Cookie Bacon and eggs
Pancake Pig Feed Cookie Bacon and Eggs
Level 9 Level 10 Level 10 Level 11
Cheese White sugar Carrot pie Pumpkin pie
Cheese White Sugar Carrot Pie Pumpkin Pie
Level 12 Level 13 Level 14 Level 15
Sheep feed Buttered popcorn Sweater Bacon pie
Sheep Feed Buttered Popcorn Sweater Bacon Pie
Level 16 Level 16 Level 17 Level 18
Syrup Cotton fabric Hamburger Raspberry muffin
Syrup Cotton Fabric Hamburger Raspberry Muffin
Level 18 Level 18 Level 18 Level 19
Blue woolly hat Cotton shirt Blue sweater Carrot cake
Blue Woolly Hat Cotton Shirt Blue Sweater Carrot Cake
Level 19 Level 19 Level 20 Level 21
Wooly chaps Cream cake Red berry cake Cheesecake
Wooly Chaps Cream Cake Red Berry Cake Cheesecake
Level 21 Level 23 Level 23 Level 24
Silver ore Gold ore Platinum Ore Silver bar
Silver Ore Gold Ore Platinum Ore Silver Bar
Level 24 Level 24 Level 24 Level 24
Chili popcorn Gold bar Platinum bar Violet dress
Chili Popcorn Gold Bar Platinum Bar Violet Dress
Level 25 Level 25 Level 25 Level 25
Blackberry muffin Carrot juice Fish burger Red lure
Blackberry Muffin Carrot Juice Fish Burger Red lure
Level 26 Level 26 Level 27 Level 27
Green lure Blue lure Purple lure Gold lure
Green lure Blue lure Purple lure Gold lure
Level 27 Level 27 Level 27 Level 27
Apple pie Fish pie Apple juice Vanilla ice cream
Apple Pie Fish Pie Apple Juice Vanilla Ice Cream
Level 28 Level 28 Level 28 Level 29
Roasted tomatoes Cherry juice Fishing net Mystery net
Roasted Tomatoes Cherry Juice Fishing Net Mystery Net
Level 30 Level 30 Level 30 Level 30
Tomato juice Berry juice Goat feed Goat cheese
Tomato Juice Berry Juice Goat Feed Goat Cheese
Level 31 Level 31 Level 32 Level 33
Pizza Coal Refined coal Cherry popsicle
Pizza Coal Refined Coal Cherry Popsicle
Level 33 Level 33 Level 33 Level 33
Feta pie Iron ore Iron bar Strawberry ice cream
Feta Pie Iron Ore Iron Bar Strawberry Ice Cream
Level 34 Level 34 Level 34 Level 34
Wheat Bundle Strawberry cake Baked potato Apple jam
Wheat Bundle Strawberry Cake Baked Potato Apple Jam
Level 34 (Rep. 3) Level 35 Level 35 Level 35
Chocolate cake Casserole Raspberry jam Spicy pizza
Chocolate Cake Casserole Raspberry Jam Spicy Pizza
Level 36 Level 36 Level 36 Level 37
Blackberry jam Potato feta cake Cherry jam Bracelet
Blackberry Jam Potato Feta Cake Cherry Jam Bracelet
Level 37 Level 38 Level 38 Level 38
Potato bread Shepherds pie Chocolate ice cream Necklace
Potato Bread Shepherd's Pie Chocolate Ice Cream Necklace
Level 39 Level 39 Level 39 Level 39
Honey Honey popcorn Diamond ring Fish and chips
Honey Honey Popcorn Diamond Ring Fish and Chips
Level 39 Level 40 Level 40 Level 41
Iron bracelet Espresso Honey apple cake Caffè latte
Iron Bracelet Espresso Honey Apple Cake Caffè Latte
Level 41 Level 42 Level 42 Level 43
Chocolate popcorn Lobster trap Frutti di mare pizza Caffè mocha
Chocolate Popcorn Lobster Trap Frutti di Mare Pizza Caffè Mocha
Level 44 Level 44 Level 45 Level 45
Raspberry mocha Lobster soup Hot chocolate Tomato soup
Raspberry Mocha Lobster Soup Hot Chocolate Tomato Soup
Level 46 Level 46 Level 47 Level 47
Red scarf Lobster skewer Beeswax Strawberry candle
Red Scarf Lobster Skewer Beeswax Strawberry Candle
Level 48 Level 48 Level 48 Level 48
Pumpkin soup Rustic bouquet Strawberry jam Duck trap
Pumpkin Soup Rustic Bouquet Strawberry Jam Duck Trap
Level 49 Level 49 Level 50 Level 50
Sesame Ice Cream.png Caramel apple Pillow Toffee
Sesame Ice Cream Caramel Apple Pillow Toffee
Level 50 Level 51 Level 51 Level 52
Raspberry candle Pineapple juice Fish soup Soy sauce
Raspberry Candle Pineapple Juice Fish Soup Soy Sauce
Level 52 Level 52 Level 53 Level 54
Chocolate Fancy cake Sushi roll Lollipop
Chocolate Fancy Cake Sushi Roll Lollipop
Level 54 Level 54 Level 56 Level 57
Feta salad Lobster sushi Blanket Jelly beans
Feta Salad Lobster Sushi Blanket Jelly Beans
Level 58 Level 59 Level 59 Level 60
Olive oil Garlic bread Veggie bagel BLT salad
Olive Oil Garlic Bread Veggie Bagel BLT Salad
Level 60 Level 60 Level 61 Level 62
Mayonnaise Caramel latte Egg sushi Honey peanuts
Mayonnaise Caramel Latte Egg Sushi Honey Peanuts
Level 62 Level 62 Level 63 Level 63
Seafood salad Berry smoothie Snack mix Bacon toast
Seafood Salad Berry Smoothie Snack Mix Bacon Toast
Level 64 Level 64 Level 64 Level 65
Bright bouquet Pineapple cake Chocolate pie Cabbage soup
Bright Bouquet Pineapple Cake Chocolate Pie Cabbage Soup
Level 65 Level 65 Level 65 Level 65
Lemon curd Egg sandwich Green smoothie Olive dip
Lemon Curd Egg Sandwich Green Smoothie Olive Dip
Level 66 Level 66 Level 66 Level 66
Fresh pasta Pasta salad Lemon pie Grilled onion
Fresh Pasta Pasta Salad Lemon Pie Grilled Onion
Level 67 Level 67 Level 67 Level 68
Lemon cake Peanut Butter Milkshake Tomato sauce Honey toast
Lemon Cake Peanut Butter Milkshake Tomato Sauce Honey Toast
Level 68 Level 68 Level 69 Level 69
Fried rice Yogurt smoothie Cloche hat Cucumber smoothie
Fried Rice Yogurt Smoothie Cloche Hat Cucumber Smoothie
Level 69 Level 70 Level 70 Level 70
Orange juice Flower shawl Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Onion soup
Orange Juice Flower Shawl Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Onion Soup
Level 71 Level 71 Level 71 Level 72
Lemon candle Top hat Gnocchi Winter veggies
Lemon Candle Top Hat Gnocchi Winter Veggies
Level 72 Level 72 Level 72 Level 72
Noodle soup Rice noodles Gracious bouquet Marmalade
Noodle Soup Rice Noodles Gracious Bouquet Marmalade
Level 73 Level 73 Level 73 Level 74
Sun hat Veggie lasagna Veggie Platter Hot dog
Sun Hat Veggie Lasagna Veggie Platter Hot Dog
Level 74 Level 74 Level 74 Level 75
Coleslaw Cotton candy Peach tart Big sushi roll
Coleslaw Cotton Candy Peach Tart Big Sushi Roll
Level 75 Level 75 Level 76 Level 76
Tofu dog Beetroot salad Plain donut Salsa.png
Tofu Dog Beetroot Salad Plain Donut Salsa
Level 76 Level 76 Level 76 Level 77
Taco Orange sorbet Corn dog Potato soup
Taco Orange Sorbet Corn Dog Potato Soup
Level 77 Level 78 Level 78 Level 78
Summer rolls Sesame brittle Fish taco Peach jam
Summer Rolls Sesame Brittle Fish Taco Peach Jam
Level 78 Level 78 Level 79 Level 79
Lobster pasta Cucumber sandwich Spicy fish Sprinkled donut
Lobster Pasta Cucumber Sandwich Spicy Fish Sprinkled Donut
Level 79 Level 79 Level 79 Level 79
Green tea Onion dog Stuffed pepppers Milk tea
Green Tea Onion Dog Stuffed Peppers Milk Tea
Level 80 Level 80 Level 80 Level 81
Bell Pepper Soup Chocolate fondue Quesadilla Fruit salad
Bell Pepper Soup Chocolate Fondue Quesadilla Fruit Salad
Level 81 Level 81 Level 82 Level 82
Crunchy donut Peach ice cream Honey tea Pasta carbonara
Crunchy Donut Peach Ice Cream Honey Tea Pasta Carbonara
Level 82 Level 83 Level 83 Level 83
Broccoli pasta Summer salad Grape juice Onion melt
Broccoli Pasta Summer Salad Grape Juice Onion Melt
Level 83 Level 84 Level 84 Level 84
Lemon lotion Honey soap Colorful candles Grape jam
Lemon Lotion Honey Soap Colorful Candles Grape Jam
Level 84 Level 84 Level 84 Level 85
Mint ice cream Lemon tea Flower crown Bacon fondue
Mint Ice Cream Lemon Tea Flower Crown Bacon Fondue
Level 85 Level 86 Level 86 Level 86
Peanut Noodles Gingerbread cookie Cream donut Nachos.png
Peanut Noodles Gingerbread Cookie Cream Donut Nachos
Level 86 Level 86 Level 86 Level 87
Spicy pasta Broccoli soup Bacon Fries Mixed smoothie
Spicy Pasta Broccoli Soup Bacon Fries Mixed Smoothie
Level 87 Level 87 Level 87 Level 88
Iced banana latte Apple Ginger Tea.png Bacon donut Passion fruit juice
Iced Banana Latte Apple Ginger Tea Bacon Donut Passion Fruit Juice
Level 88 Level 88 Level 88 Level 88
Orange tea Fruit cake Mushroom Salad.png Tofu stir fry
Orange Tea Fruit Cake Mushroom Salad Tofu Stir Fry
Level 89 Level 89 Level 89 Level 89
Candy bouquet Grilled eggplant Banana bread Cheese fondue
Candy Bouquet Grilled Eggplant Banana Bread Cheese Fondue
Level 90 Level 90 Level 91 Level 91
Hand pies Pickles Iced tea Goat cheese toast
Hand Pies Pickles Iced Tea Goat Cheese Toast
Level 91 Level 91 Level 92 Level 92
Watermelon Juice Birthday Bouquet Passion fruit pie Soft bouquet
Watermelon Juice Birthday Bouquet Passion Fruit Pie Soft Bouquet
Level 92 Level 92 Level 92 Level 93
Black sesame smoothie Exfoliating soap Filled donut Banana pancakes
Black Sesame Smoothie Exfoliating Soap Filled Donut Banana Pancakes
Level 93 Level 93 Level 93 Level 94
Plum jam Floral candle Chocolate roll Canned fish
Plum Jam Floral Candle Chocolate Roll Canned Fish
Level 94 Level 95 Level 95 Level 95
Banana split Fish skewer Passion fruit jam Mint tea
Banana Split Fish Skewer Passion Fruit Jam Mint Tea
Level 96 Level 96 Level 96 Level 97
Mushroom pot pie Flower pendant Chili poppers Kimchi
Mushroom Pot Pie Flower Pendant Chili Poppers Kimchi
Level 97 Level 98 Level 98 Level 98
Eggplant parmesan Honey face mask Cocoa smoothie Fried Candy Bar
Eggplant Parmesan Honey Face Mask Cocoa Smoothie Fried Candy Bar
Level 99 Level 99 Level 100 Level 100
Tart dressing Mushroom pasta Plum smoothie Dried fruit
Tart Dressing Mushroom Pasta Plum Smoothie Dried Fruit
Level 100 Level 101 Level 102 Level 102
Mushroom soup Veggie Bouquet Rice Ball
Mushroom Soup Veggie Bouquet Rice Ball
Level 104 Level 106 Level 110