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A production building

Production buildings are machines used to produce all the various products available in the game. They are either located on the farm or around the fishing lake.

Each building is unlocked at a certain experience level. The first building is unlocked at xpxp 2. The last building is unlocked at xpxp 103.

For a much more comprehensive table see our Production Buildings List. Note that it may not be mobile-friendly, though.

Available buildings

Buying and repairing buildings

All buildings cost coins (coincoin) either to repair them or buy them in the shop Shop Icon.png .

The higher the experience level the more expensive the building. The Lure Workbench is the only one given for free.

Building the machines takes time, increasingly so. Players can use diamonds (diadia) to speed up the building process.

Production and queue

Each building produces one item at a time, after a few minutes or several hours depending on the product. The Mine is the only one that gives items instantly.

Each machine has one to three slots at the start, which players can use to queue things up. Once queued, products cannot be discarded or switched.

You can have a maximum of 9 slots per building. Completed products are displayed in front of the building. If your barn is full, you can add additional products to the queue without collecting any of the completed products. This technique is called “stacking” and comes in handy when preparing for certain derby tasks. The maximum number of completed products that can be stacked is 52. At that point you must collect a completed product before you can add another product to the machine queue.

Production time can be accelerated using diamonds (diadia) or by achieving masteries.

Upgrading buildings

Production slots.png

Players can unlock more slots for all machines. Additional slots cost diamonds (diadia) except the ones of the Lobster Pool and the Duck Salon, which cost coins (coincoin).

All machines can have up to nine slots, except the Lobster Pool and the Duck Salon which can only have six.

The amount of diamonds required to buy additional slots increases with each expansion: the first additional slot costs six diamonds, the second one nine, the third one 12, etc. Additional slots for the Lure Workbench and the Net Maker are much more expensive (the ninth slot costs 415 diamonds!).

The amount of coins required to buy additional slots for the Lobster Pool and the Duck Salon also increases with each expansion.

Mastering buildings

Bakery Mastery.png

Main article: Masteries

Masteries are bonuses players get when they have used the machine for a certain number of hours. The final mastery level or ★★★ level always speeds production up.

Strategy tips

Number of production buildings per level

This graph represents the number of production buildings per level.