Net Maker

The Net Maker is a production building unlocked at experience level 30.

It is used to make fishing nets, mystery nets, lobster traps and duck traps.

It can be found in the Fishing Lake area.


The Net Maker looks like a wooden floor loom with a bench in front of it.

The mastered version gains various golden parts, as well as a star on its front.


Broken Net Maker

It costs 28,000 coincoin and takes 2 days (or 65 diadia) to repair the Net Maker. It gives players 32 xpxp when repaired.

Unlike other machines, the Net Maker cannot be moved or rotated.


Fishing Net.png Mystery Net.png
Fishing net Mystery net
Lvl 30 Lvl 30
4 h
★★★ 3 h 24 min
3 h
★★★ 2 h 33 min
7xpxp 7xpxp
Lobster Trap.png Duck Trap.png
Lobster trap Duck trap
Lvl 44 Lvl 50
2 h
★★★ 1 h 42 min
60 min
★★★ 51 min
5xpxp 3xpxp

Products from the Net Maker cannot be bought or sold. They are stored in the Tackle Box.


Main article: Production Buildings

The Net Maker originally has two slots available. Unlocking more slots costs diamonds:

  • 3rd slot: 10 diamonds
  • 4th slot: 20 diamonds
  • 5th slot: 45 diamonds
  • 6th slot: 90 diamonds
  • 7th slot: 130 diamonds
  • 8th slot: 260 diamonds
  • 9th slot: 415 diamonds


A total of 6,840 hours of production is required to master the Net Maker:

Mastered Net Maker
120 hrs
840 hrs
5,880 hrs
Net Maker Mastery I.png Net Maker Mastery II.png Net Maker Mastery III.png
5% faster 10% faster 15% faster

Strategy tips

  • Making as many fishing nets as you can is the easiest way to master the maker. However, this still takes a very long time if you do not unlock more slots.

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