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The Mine is a production building unlocked at experience level 24.

It is used extract silver ore, gold ore, platinum ore, coal and iron ore.


The appearance of the mine changes during Halloween and Winter:

Mine Halloween.png Mine Winter.png
Halloween Winter


Closed mine

It costs 21,000coincoin and takes 1 day and 11 hours (or 71 diadia) to repair the Mine. It gives players 28 xpxp when repaired.

The Mine cannot be moved or rotated.


Extracting ore does not take any time but requires supplies: sticks of dynamite, TNT barrels, shovels or pickaxes. In addition to ore, you will occasionally find a diamond among your excavation. There is a daily limit of 10 diamonds per day. The use of different supplies gives different quantity of ores and different chances of getting a diamond.

Image Dynamite.png TNT Barrel.png Shovel.png Pickaxe.png
Name Dynamite TNT Barrel Shovel Pickaxe
Unlocks at Level 5 Level 34
Ores given 2 ores 3 ores 4 ores 5 ores
Alternative uses Clear lone rocks Clear groups of rocks Clear ponds -
Maximum Price 25 coincoin 72 coincoin 108 coincoin 126 coincoin


Using different supplies above to mine gives different quantity of products, which is ore. The chance of getting gold ore and platinum ore is lower than other ores, no matter which supplies you use.

Image Silver Ore.png Gold Ore.png Platinum Ore.png Coal.png Iron Ore.png
Name Silver ore Gold ore Platinum ore Coal Iron ore
Unlocks at Level 24 Level 24 Level 25 Level 33 Level 34
Maximum Price 18coincoin 21coincoin 32coincoin 10coincoin 14coincoin
XP 5xpxp 6xpxp 7xpxp 3xpxp 4xpxp

Upgrading and Mastering

Unlike other buildings, the Mine cannot be upgraded or mastered.


Strategy tips

  • Mining is a nice way to get diamonds.
  • When taking Mining Task, it is very advisable that you calculate your mining capacity, and compare it to the task you are about to take. To see if your total capacity exceeds the requirement or not.
    • To further optimize the plan, calculate the number of each tool's use so that the output equates the mining task's requirement.
    • If successful, this can result in a near-instant of task completion.