Mailboxes are game features that let players receive letters, order packages, browse the game's newspaper and trade items with neighbors. There are three mailboxes: one for the newspaper, one for letters and packages, and one for the neighborhood.

The newspaper mailbox is unlocked at experience level 7; the neighborhood mailbox at level 10; the letter mailbox at level 15.


Newspaper mailbox

Main article: Daily Dirt

The Daily Dirt is a fictional newspaper where players can see ads for items other players are selling in their roadside shops. Every player gets a unique version of the Daily Dirt.

The newspaper is renewed every 2 minutes or so. The mailbox moves when it happens.


Neighborhood mailbox

Main article: Neighborhood

The neighborhood mailbox (also called 'birdhouse') lets players request items from their neighbors and view their neighbors' requests. Tapping the mailbox loads the request board.


Letter mailbox
Full mailbox

Players get thank-you letters when they have helped other players. Alfred, the postman, comes everyday at 12:00 AM UTC to deliver the mail.

Players can tap on the mailbox to read their letters and collect the gift cards that may be enclosed in the letters.

This mailbox can contain up to 40 letters. If this limit has been reached, Alfred no longer delivers any mail. When a mailbox is full, the player can see mail lying on the ground around the mailbox.

See Gift Card for more about these.


Letter mailbox

Main article: Catalogue

The letter mailbox also contains the Catalogue. Players can use their gift cards to purchase mystery packages featured in it. Alfred also delivers these.

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