Maggie is a non-player character (NPC) who can customize the appearance of the player's farmhouse, truck and roadside shop.

She becomes available when players have reached experience level 31 and have completed 20 achievements.


Maggies comes to the player's farm on Mondays and stays for 3 days or when all the renovation options have been applied. (Currently SC is aware of the glitch that she remains on the farm regardless.)

Maggie's services

Maggies Workbench

Main article: Customization

Each week, Maggie presents the player with a selection of choices for each customizable part of the farmhouse, the truck and the roadside shop. Players can choose to pay her to customize their farmhouse. Parts cost coins, vouchers or diamonds.

The selection is random. Players can spend diamonds per part to restock and get more options. The first one costs 2 diamonds, the third one 4 and the fourth and last one 6.

Maggie may come back the next week with different and/or identical options.

If players want to re-apply a style they need to pay Maggie again.

Maggie's catalogs

Maggie has two renovation catalogs:

  • the style book, which lets players complete full styles to get some rewards.
  • the collection book, which lets players see every option they've unlocked.

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