Green Lure
Tackle Box

Lures are are products unlocked at experience level 27.

The are used to catch fish, which produce fish fillets. There are five types of lures: red, green, blue, purple and yellow. Different lures attract different fish.

Like all fishing gear, they are stored in the tackle box and cannot be bought or sold.

Making lures

Lures are made in the Lure Workbench using vouchers (except red lures, which require no raw materials).

Name Duration Experience Ingredients
Red Lure

Red lure
1 h 30 min
★★★1 h 16 min
1xpExperience None
Green Lure

Green lure
1 h 15 min
★★★1 h 3 min
2xpExperience 1greenvGreen Voucher
Blue Lure

Blue lure
1 h
★★★51 min
3xpExperience 1bluevBlue Voucher
Purple Lure

Purple lure
45 min
★★★38 min
4xpExperience 1purplevPurple Voucher
Gold Lure

Gold lure
30 min
★★★25 min
5xpExperience 1goldvGolden Voucher

Lure packs

  • Lure packs are one-time limited offers for a bundle of lures, diamonds and coins in exchange for real currency. The offer lasts for 24 hours.

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