Iron Bracelet

Iron bracelets are products unlocked at experience level 41.

Like all products, they are stored in the barn.

Making iron bracelets


Iron bracelets are made in the jeweler.

To make an iron bracelet, players need the following ingredients, in the specified quantities:

Silver Bar Refined Coal Iron Bar
x1 x2 x2

It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to make one iron bracelet, and 1 hour and 16 minutes in a fully mastered jeweler. Each bracelet gives players 79 experience points.

Selling iron bracelets

Roadside Shop
  • Iron bracelets can be bought or sold for a maximum price of 6,588 coinCoins for 10 bracelets.
  • Buying the ingredients required to make a bracelet costs 621 coinCoins.

Strategy tips

  • As is the case for all Jeweler products, completing a truck order requesting one or more iron bracelets rewards players with a random voucher.
  • Boat orders never ask for iron bracelets.

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