Indigo is a field crop unlocked at experience level 13.

It is used to dye cotton fabric and wool, make bouquets and floral candles.

Like all crops it is stored in the silo.

Growing up indigo

Indigo grows in fields by planting another indigo plant (either previously harvested or purchased). Each plot yields 2 plants (net gain of 1 plant) and 5 xpExperience points, and takes 2 hours to mature.

Selling indigo

Roadside Shop
  • Indigo can be sold or bought for a maximum price of 252 coinCoins for 10 units.
  • Buying a field only costs 1 coinCoins but the number of fields players can have is determined by their level.

Using indigo

Indigo is used to make the following products:

Blue Woolly Hat Blue Sweater Violet Dress
Blue Woolly Hat Blue Sweater Violet Dress
Indigox1 Indigox2 Indigox1
Level 19 Level 20 Level 25
Rustic Bouquet Bright Bouquet Sun Hat
Rustic Bouquet Bright Bouquet Sun Hat
Indigox3 Indigox3 Indigox1
Level 49 Level 49 Level 74
Floral Candle
Floral Candle
Level 95

Boat orders

  • Boat orders ask for 8 to 17 indigo per crate, up to a total of 68 per boat.

Strategy tips

  • Recipes only ask for one to three units of indigo so it is not a crop you need to keep large quantities of.

Did you know?

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