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Honeycomb is a type of animal good unlocked at experience level 39.

It is used to make honey, beeswax and honey soap.

Like all goods, it is stored in the barn.

Collecting honeycomb

Honey bee
Beehive tree

Honeycomb is collected from beehives in the beehive tree.

To make one piece of honeycomb, honey bees need to gather 100 drops of nectar from nectar bushes and bring them to the tree. This takes approximately 33 minutes if bushes are close enough to the tree. Honeycomb can then be collected immediately.

Collecting one piece of honeycomb gives players 8 xpxp points.

Selling honeycomb

Roadside Shop
  • Honeycomb can be bought or sold for a maximum price of 684 coincoin for 10 units.
  • A honey bee costs between 1,500 and 3,000 coincoin and a nectar bush costs 120 coincoin.
  • The beehive tree costs 4,000 coincoin.

Using honeycomb

Honeycomb is used to make the following products:



Honey soap

Honey Beeswax Honey Soap
Honeycomb.pngx2 Honeycomb.pngx3 Honeycomb.pngx1
Level 39 Level 48 Level 84

Strategy tips

  • Recipes ask between 2 and 3 pieces of honeycomb.
  • Honeycomb is very rare to be bought. You need to prepare some of it to make other recipes.
  • Honeycomb gives low revenue that selling it is not recommended. Instead, you can use honeycomb to make honey or beeswax then sell it to get greater revenue.
  • Honeycomb is never requested in boat orders.

Did you know?

  • The woven straw basket used to collect honeycomb in the game is called a skep.