Honey Bee

Honey bees are farm animals which produce honeycomb. They are unlocked at experience level 39. They are the seventh type of farm animal unlocked in the game.


Honey bees have three main states: flying to and from the beehive tree, collecting nectar from bushes and waiting in the beehive when honeycomb has been made.

During Summer, they wear Asian conical hats. During Winter, they wear Elf hats

Honey Bee Collecting Honey Bee Collecting II Honey Bee Waiting Honey Bee Summer Bees Winter

Honey bees do not have a special costume for Halloween. They wear their Summer one instead.


Beehive Tree Stage 4

Honey bees must be placed in a beehive tree to be purchased. The tree costs 4,000 coins. The tree has room for one beehive and three bees at first. At this point bees cost 1,500 coinCoins each. The tree has to grow to make room for more beehives. Growth happen when enough drops of nectar have been brought to the tree by the bees:

  • When 4,000 drops of nectar have been brought, a second beehive is added and three more bees can be purchased for 2,000 coinCoins each.
  • At 40,000 drops a third beehive is added and three more bees can be purchased for 2,500 coinCoins each.
  • At 400,000 drops, a fourth and last beehive is added and three more bees can be purchased for 3,000 coinCoins each.

Honey bees can be bought from the Shop.


Nectar Bush

Honey bees make honeycomb by flying to nectar bushes, collecting drops of nectar -one per bee- then flying them back to the beehive. It takes approximately 35 minutes to get enough nectar to make honeycomb, providing bushes are as close as possible to the beehive tree and there are enough bushes to get nectar from.

Bees collect nectar even players are offline -distance does not matter then- but stop doing so when all beehives are full.


Hay Day Introducing the Bees

Hay Day Introducing the Bees

Hay Day tutorial about bees.

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