This page explains the guidelines editors should follow.

Basic guidelines

  • Respect this wiki's policies.
  • Keep the wiki child-friendly.
  • Keep the wiki informative, relevant and useful. It's its primary function. If you have any doubt about the creation of an article or content in general, please ask first.
  • Give public information only: insider information shouldn't be divulged unless you've been given permission to talk about it publicly.
  • Use proper English in all articles. Note that we follow the game's spelling when it comes to American English or British English.
  • Use a neutral point of view: informative sections shouldn't talk to a reader or state one person's opinion. You can use "you" in tips sections.
  • Explain your edits: add a summary, even for minor changes.
  • Don't capitalize everything like they do in the game. We only do this for page titles, image names and proper nouns.
  • Don't edit other users' personal pages without their permission. Don't edit users' profiles under any circumstances unless you are part of this wiki's staff.

About protected pages

  • The wiki can only be edited by registered users.
  • Semi-protected pages can't be edited by newly registered users. New users have to wait for 4 days to become confirmed users. Such pages have a shield icon Protected
  • Fully protected pages can only be edited by bureaucrats, administrators and content moderators. Such pages have a lock icon Locked

How to format pages


Titles should be in title format and capitalized.

  • Not a good title: Cows Are the Best
  • Better: Cow
  • Not capitalized: White dog
  • Better: White Dog


The infobox should stay as concise and short as possible. Note that it's okay to include the same info in both the text and the infobox as long as the text expands on it.


All intros should start with the subject of the page in bold text and a brief paragraph explaining what the item or feature is. When an intro gets a bit long consider moving part of it into its own section.


All articles should be clearly organized into sections. Sections can be different aspects of a page's subject, gameplay tips and trivia ("did you know?" facts). If a section gets too long consider dividing it into two or more sections. Please don't use subsections, though.

Sections titles should not be capitalized.

Tips and trivia

  • Any advice, non-official stats,... should go to the strategy tips section.
  • History belongs in Version History. Changes should only be mentioned in articles if they have a particular significance (such as Tom changing appearance).
  • Easter eggs, secrets, etc. go into their own section.

Navigation boxes

Add nav boxes at the end of the article to link to related pages.

Interwiki links

Use interwiki links at the end of the article if it has an equivalent on another wiki.

Uploading images and licensing them

You can upload in-game screenshots and images from Supercell fan kits or promos. Be aware that they might be replaced at any point with a better or newer version.

To update an image please don't upload a new picture. Click on the existing image and choose edit/replace or update a new version of this file. (You can't do this if the file format is different though. In this case, please upload it.)

When you upload a game image please pick the Supercell license. They're all copyrighted to them.

Using tables

Tables are very handy tools for organizing information and presenting it in a concise way. However, they must remain laptop-friendly and preferably mobile-friendly.

A few tips: keep columns to a minimum so there isn't much side scrolling; keep text short and concise; use images and info icons; consider moving lengthy tables to the bottom of articles or to their own pages.

About mobile viewing

Although we can't make all pages on our wiki easily readable on a phone, we want to make sure as many of them are or don't look too terrible :)

A few tips: space things out for better comprehension; use images and short descriptive paragraphs rather than long descriptive paragraphs; use short captions so readers who need them can still understand things; keep side scrolling to a minimum whenever possible.