Note: this page is about goat milk, not to be confused with cow milk.
Goat milk

Goat milk is a type of animal good unlocked at experience level 32.

It is primarily used to make goat cheese, a product needed in several recipes.

Like all goods, it is stored in the barn.

Collecting goat milk


Goat milk is collected from goats which have been fed goat feed. Once fed, each goat needs 8 hours to produce milk.

Collecting one jar of milk gives players 6 xpxp points.

Selling goat milk

Roadside Shop
  • Goat milk can be bought or sold for a maximum price of 648 coincoin for 10 jars.
  • A goat costs between 2,150 and 8,650 coincoin and a goat yard costs 1,000 coincoin.

Using goat milk

Goat milk is used to make the following products:

Goat cheese

Black sesame smoothie

Mushroom pasta

Goat Cheese Black Sesame
Mushroom Pasta
Goat Milk.pngx2 Goat Milk.pngx2 Goat Milk.pngx1
Level 33 Level 93 Level 101

Boat orders

  • Boat orders ask for 5 to 7 jars per crate, up to a total of 28 per boat.

Strategy tips

  • Selling goat milk at maximum price is recommended as it sells pretty quickly.

Did you know

  • Before the 1.44.74 update, Goat Milk was only used to make Goat Cheese.

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