Goats are farm animals which produce goat milk. They are unlocked at experience level 32. They are the sixth and most expensive type of farm animal unlocked in the game.


Goats have three main states: default, full and hungry. They wear themed clothes and accessories during summer, Halloween and winter.

Goat Full Goat Hungry Goat Summer Goat Halloween Goat Halloween Full Goats Winter


Goat Yard

Goats must be placed in goat yards to be purchased. Yards cost 1,000 coinCoins each. They are unlocked at levels 32, 37 and 50. Each yard can house four goats.

At level 32 goats cost 2,150 coins each; at level 37 5,400 coins; at level 50 8,650 coins.

Goats and goat yards can be bought from the shop.ShopShop Icon


Goat milk can be collected from goats every 8 hours. Players can skip the wait by paying 10 diamonds per goat. Players must then give goats goat feed to get another harvest.

Goat feed is made of:

Corn Wheat Carrot
x1 x1 x2

Strategy tips

  • It takes 40 minutes to make 3 units of goat feed. You can easily collect all your milk and replenish your feed stock by the time the goats are ready to be milked again.
  • Goat milk can quite easily be found in the Daily Dirt but sells quickly. Selling it at maximum price is recommended.
  • Feeding farm animals and harvesting goat milk are common tasks in derbies.

Easter egg

Goat Fainting

Tapping the goat yard or making a rock explode causes the goats to faint for a few seconds, then get back up and act normally. "Fainting Goats" (or "Myotonic Goats") exist in real life. This rare breed falls over with stiff legs for about 10 seconds when startled or excited.

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