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The fuel spin is the place where players can get fuel for their valley trucks. It has two tabs: one where players spin the fuel wheel, and one where players can see which activities they can do to get more fuel spins.

Getting fuel

Players can get Jerricans of fuel by spinning the valley wheel once every 24 hours. The wheel lets you win between 6 and 9 Jerricans.

Players can also get extra spins for the wheel by completing sun activities. Each players get three activities per day they can fulfill on their farm multiple times.

You can have up to 99 Jerricans of fuel.

Sun activities


Sun activities can be:

See detailed table below.

Spin cost

Each activity gives the player between 1 and 20 suns. When a player has collected a certain number of suns, they can spin the wheel another time. The number of suns players need increase as they spin the wheel.

  • 2nd spin: 20 suns
  • 3rd spin: 50 suns
  • 4th spin: 100 suns
  • 5th spin: 200 suns
  • 6th spin: 550 suns
  • 7th spin: 1,000 suns
  • 8th spin: 1,500 suns
  • 9th spin: 2,100 suns
  • 10th spin: 2,800 suns
  • 11th spin: 3,600 suns
  • 12th spin: 4,500 suns
  • 13th spin: 6,000 suns
  • 14th spin: 8,000 suns
  • 15th spin: 10,000 suns
  • 16th spin: 15,000 suns

Players can also see which activities will be available on the next day.

Table of sun activities

Task No. of times Suns
Plant carrotsx101sunSun
Plant chili peppersx12sunSun
Plant cornx151sunSun
Plant cottonx11sunSun
Plant indigox11sunSun
Plant indigox45sunSun
Plant lettucex11sunSun
Plant potatoesx11sunSun
Plant pumpkinx11sunSun
Plant pumpkinsx45sunSun
Plant soybeansx51sunSun
Plant strawberriesx25sunSun
Plant sugarcanex31sunSun
Plant wheatx251sunSun
Complete a derby task worth over 235 pointsx120sunSun
Farm animals
Feed any farm animalx51sunSun
Feed any farm animalx103sunSun
Feed chickensx51sunSun
Feed cowsx21sunSun
Feed cowsx53sunSun
Feed pigsx12sunSun
Feed goatsx12sunSun
Feed sheepx25sunSun
Fishing activities
Catch fishx12sunSun
Catch fishx410sunSun
Place duck traps or lobster trapsx110sunSun
Cast fishing nets or mystery netsx115sunSun
Produce fish lurex18sunSun
Fill boat cratesx12sunSun
Fill boat cratesx410sunSun
Fill truck ordersx12sunSun
Fill truck ordersx410sunSun

Strategy tips

  • You cannot store more than 99 fuel, so use them and have a maximum of 90 fuel before you spin again! Or else, excess fuel is discarded (94 + 6 = 99, 1 fuel discarded 😥)

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