Fishing Boat Repaired

The fishing lake is a game feature which gives players a new area to play in and gain experience points and diamonds as well as collect new animal goods.

It can be unlocked at experience level 27 by repairing the fishing boat located on the farm.

Going to the lake

Fishing Boat Broken

Repairing the fishing boat costs 35,000 coins and takes 2 days 23 hours (or 97 diamonds). After taking the fishing boat to go the lake players can immediately use the Lure Workbench to make lures.

Catching animals

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In this area, players can catch fish using lures or nets, and catch lobsters and ducks using traps.

Fishing lake buildings

There are several buildings around the fishing lake (see the map below):

Fishing Lake

Fishing lake character


Main article: Angus

Angus is a non-playable character who, like Mr. Wicker, explains how various mechanics work as they are unlocked. Angus never leaves the lake so players can watch the tutorials again by tapping on him.


Fishing Spot Locked

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Players can unlock new fishing spots using expansion supplies.


Hay Day - The Fishing Area Guide

Hay Day - The Fishing Area Guide

Video by R3DKNIGHT_aka_Ranger

Strategy tips

  • Catching new fish is a nice and easy way to get diamonds.
  • Upgrading the tackle box requires the same supplies as upgrading the silo does.
  • Opening all the spots in the fishing lake (there's fifteen total) can help out greatly with fishing derby tasks.