Town expansion unlocks at reputation level 3. Each plot requires map pieces and two other types of supplies.

See the map and table below to know how many objects of each type are needed for each area.

Plot #1 5landdLand Deed 5mappMap Piece 5markersMarker Stake
Plot #2 4landdLand Deed 4malletMallet 4mappMap Piece
Plot #3 14landdLand Deed 14malletMallet 14mappMap Piece
Plot #4 4landdLand Deed 4mappMap Piece 4markersMarker Stake
Plot #5 15landdLand Deed 15mappMap Piece 15markersMarker Stake
Plot #6 7landdLand Deed 7malletMallet 7mappMap Piece
Plot #7 8malletMallet 8mappMap Piece 8markersMarker Stake
Plot #8 7malletMallet 7mappMap Piece 7markersMarker Stake
Plot #9 17landdLand Deed 17mappMap Piece 17markersMarker Stake
Plot #10 15landdLand Deed 15malletMallet 15mappMap Piece
Plot #11 11malletMallet 11mappMap Piece 11markersMarker Stake
Plot #12 16landdLand Deed 16mappMap Piece 16markersMarker Stake
Plot #13 21landdLand Deed 21malletMallet 21mappMap Piece
Plot #14 17malletMallet 17mappMap Piece 17markersMarker Stake
Plot #15 20landdLand Deed 20mappMap Piece 20markersMarker Stake
Plot #16 16landdLand Deed 16malletMallet 16mappMap Piece
Plot #17 14malletMallet 14mappMap Piece 14markersMarker Stake
Plot #18 20malletMallet 20mappMap Piece 20markersMarker Stake
Total 154landdLand Deed 154malletMallet 231mappMap Piece 154markersMarker Stake
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