Expansion unlocks as soon as the fishing lake is accessible. Unlocking a spot requires an equal number of land deeds, mallets and marker stakes.

See the map and table below for the exact number needed for each spot.

FishingMap Names
Spot #1 Free
Spot #2 Free
Spot #3 8landdLand Deed 8malletMallet 8markersMarker Stake
Spot #4 14landdLand Deed 14malletMallet 14markersMarker Stake
Spot #5 18landdLand Deed 18malletMallet 18markersMarker Stake
Spot #6 16landdLand Deed 16malletMallet 16markersMarker Stake
Spot #7 4landdLand Deed 4malletMallet 4markersMarker Stake
Spot #8 12landdLand Deed 12malletMallet 12markersMarker Stake
Spot #9 22landdLand Deed 22malletMallet 22markersMarker Stake
Spot #10 26landdLand Deed 26malletMallet 26markersMarker Stake
Spot #11 20landdLand Deed 20malletMallet 20markersMarker Stake
Spot #12 24landdLand Deed 24malletMallet 24markersMarker Stake
Spot #13 30landdLand Deed 30malletMallet 30markersMarker Stake
Spot #14 32landdLand Deed 32malletMallet 32markersMarker Stake
Spot #15 28landdLand Deed 28malletMallet 28markersMarker Stake
Total 254landdLand Deed 254malletMallet 254markersMarker Stake
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