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Players can expand their land on the farm and in the town using several types of supplies. They can also unlock more fishing spots in the fishing lake.

Expansion in the farm is available from experience level 22 and up. Expansion in the fishing area is unlocked when players repair their fishing boat. Expansion in the town is available from reputation level 3.

Expansion supplies

Main article: Supplies

There are five types of expansion supplies:

Land Deed.png Mallet.png Map Piece.png Marker Stake.png Expansion Permit.png
Land deed Mallet Map piece Marker stake Expansion permit
403 coincoin 403 coincoin 450 coincoin 403 coincoin N/A
12 diadia 12 diadia 14 diadia 12 diadia N/A

Land deeds, mallets and marker stakes are required to expand all locations but map pieces are only used in the town.

As with all other supplies, they can be found in mystery boxes, in the Daily Dirt, in roadside shops, by harvesting goods, producing items, town visitors, feeding pets, etc.

Expansion permits are required to expand a special section in the farm. They cannot be bought or sold, but can only be won on the Wheel of Fortune, as Derby rewards, purchased through the valley shop, and earned as rewards for reaching an experience level threshold.


Farm, Fishing Lake, Town

Expansion packs

An expansion pack

Expansion packs are one-time limited offers for a bundle of expansion items, diamonds and coins. The packs offer the same amount of each of expansion items but this amount can vary. The offer lasts for 24 hours.

Strategy tips

  • All types of supplies are extremely sought-after items. While you can occasionally find them in the Daily Dirt, you have to be very quick to buy them before another player does. Make sure to open the newspaper as soon as it changes then browse it as quickly as possible. Playing at less crowded time also increases your chances.
  • As supplies sell extremely quickly, they may not be advertised in the Daily Dirt. Some players prefer advertising more common items to maximize their presence in the paper. You may find supplies by luck if you check ads which appear 'uninteresting'.
  • You usually miss one type of item more than another at some point in the game. Try and do trades with friends or neighborhood members who miss a different item.
  • The official forum has a trading thread you can use to find missing items. Read the rules before you post!