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Blank board

Events are temporary activities players can participate in to get bonuses, boosts or rewards. The event board serves as a notification board for events.

Events are unlocked at experience level 9.


Events currently occur every day, starting on Monday at 8am UTC. While some events happen to celebrate a particular holiday, others can happen at any time, in no particular order.


The event board's appearance changes according to the event that is active in the game. A poster (as shown below) will be pasted on the event board. If no event is active, the blank event board (as shown above) will be displayed. Sometimes the game shows blank event board when it cannot connect to the server, you can visit any player's farm then go back to your farm to have event shown on the board.

Bonus and boost events

Bonus events are events where players can get extra items such as coins, experience points, reputation points, supplies, vouchers, boosters or puzzle pieces when filling orders.

Boost events make crops or machines faster.

Bonus and boost events usually last for 24 hours.

Crops bonuses and boosts

  • Bonus: all or 3 random crops yield one extra crop.
  • Boost: all or 3 random crops grow faster.

Production boosts

Riverboat bonuses

Spin the Wheel bonuses

Truck bonuses

  • Coin and xp are doubled (xp are tripled rarely) for all orders or purple orders give extra rewards (boosters, expansion or upgrade supplies, vouchers).

Visitors bonuses

Yard Sale

Players can sell certain decorations to visitors.

Global events

Global events are events where players from all around the world can win a global reward by reaching the community's common goal. Players can also win personal rewards such as diamonds, boosterss, supplies, and vouchers by reaching the five goals given to them. Global events last for 2 to 4 days.

There are three types of events: filling orders (boat, town or truck), catching fish, or helping other players.

Seasonal events

Seasonal events are global events which take place on special occasions. Players usually win a special decoration if they reach the community's goal, along with usual rewards or seasonal decorations when they reach their personal goals.

Seasonal events last for 4 to 5 days.

See Decorations/Events for latest rewards.

Strategy tips

  • Hay Day Facebook page and inbox in game (top-left button) display events for the next week at about Sunday 12pm UTC.
  • To prepare for double coins events, fill up your storage with 15 of each crop and 10 of each product.
  • Farm visitors 2x coins event is a great way to earn coins. Farm visitors will ask for things you have either most or none in barn and silo. If you know the event is coming soon, start hoarding the most expensive stuffs and make it the most thing you have in barn. Same thing with silo, hoard most expensive fruits or crops. Kick all the visitors that do not ask for the items you hoard until the right ones came. Usually one will ask for barn items and one will ask for silo, so if they finally came asking for them keep them there. When the event starts, sell what you hoarded. After that you can keep searching common goods, such as wheat and eggs from Daily Dirt since they are easy to get and you need to keep selling to visitors to double the coins as much as you can. You should not find corn and sell to farm visitors because you only get 56 coins for 10 corn sold to farm visitors.
  • Prepare for Lure Fishing Season by stockpiling colored lures in your Tackle Box.
  • Avoid using Gold Lures during a Lure Fishing Season event as each of the 6 specialty fish can be caught with another type of lure. Save the rare Gold Lures to catch the Speckled Dace, Golden Trout, and Goldfish.

Did you know?

  • The event ad, which appears when you log into the game and a new event has started, can be flicked away (just like the raven).
  • Before the December 2014 update there used to be contribution events in which you had to contribute a certain number of items in order to reach the global goals but Hay Day removed them saying that a lot of players especially low level can not contribute much which affects the score of other players.
  • Before the Summer Update 2017 only one event used to last for 4 days from Friday to Tuesday till 4pm (PST).

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