Eggs are animal goods unlocked at experience level 1.

They are the first type of goods unlocked in the game and, by far, the most widely used in other recipes.

Like all goods, they are stored in the barn.

Collecting eggs


Eggs are collected from chickens which have been fed chicken feed. Once fed, each chicken needs 20 minutes to make an egg.

Collecting an egg gives players 2 xpExperience points.

Selling eggs

Roadside Shop
  • Egg can be bought or sold for a maximum price of 180 coinCoins for 10 units.
  • A chicken costs between 10 and 270 coinCoins and a chicken coop 5 coinCoins.

Using eggs

Eggs are used to make the following products:

Corn Bread Pancake Cookie Bacon and Eggs
Eggx2 Eggx3 Eggx2 Eggx4
Level 7 Level 9 Level 10 Level 11
Carrot Pie Pumpkin Pie Bacon Pie Raspberry Muffin
Eggx1 Eggx1 Eggx1 Eggx1
Level 14 Level 15 Level 18 Level 19
Red Berry Cake Blackberry Muffin Apple Pie Fish Pie
Eggx1 Eggx2 Eggx1 Eggx1
Level 23 Level 26 Level 28 Level 28
Feta Pie Casserole Potato Feta Cake Potato Bread
Eggx1 Eggx2 Eggx4 Eggx3
Level 34 Level 36 Level 38 Level 39
Honey Apple Cake Mayonnaise Egg Sushi Pineapple Cake
Eggx2 Eggx4 Eggx4 Eggx2
Level 42 Level 62 Level 63 Level 65
Lemon Curd Egg Sandwich Lemon Pie Fresh Pasta
Eggx2 Eggx2 Eggx1 Eggx1
Level 66 Level 66 Level 67 Level 67
Lemon Cake Honey Toast Noodle Soup Peach Tart
Eggx2 Eggx1 Eggx2 Eggx2
Level 68 Level 69 Level 73 Level 76
Big Sushi Roll Pasta Carbonara Banana Bread
Eggx3 Eggx1 Eggx1
Level 76 Level 83 Level 91

Boat orders


Boat orders require 16 to 23 eggs per crate.

Strategy tips

  • Recipes ask between 1 and 4 eggs.
  • Eggs are so common that selling them at high prices may result in fewer or slower sales.