EGGspress Train

The EGGspress Train brings town visitors to a player's town.

It is unlocked at experience level 34, along with the town area. It comes for free with the train station.


The train both changes as the player upgrades it and gets more wagons:

EGGspress Train EGGspress Train Stage 2 EGGspress Train Stage 3 EGGspress Train Stage 4 EGGspress Train Final


Train Station Next EGGspress

The EGGspress train comes every six hours. However, it does not arrive until players visit their own towns. Waiting time cannot be decreased.

Capacity and upgrading

The number of visitors it can bring depends on the level of the train station. It can initially bring 3 visitors but can be upgraded to a maximum of 14 visitors. Players can upgrade the station using bricks, hand drills and tar buckets.

The number of visitors it actually brings also depends on how many visitors are currently in the town. The EGGspress train only brings enough visitors to correspond with the maximum visitor capacity in the Town Hall. Players can upgrade the hall using hammers, paint buckets and stone blocks.

The train takes back all visitors waiting at the station, regardless of their number.

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