Duck trap

Duck traps are products unlocked at experience level 50.

They are used to catch ducks.

Like all fishing gear, they are stored in the tackle box and cannot be bought or sold.

Making duck traps

Net Maker

Duck traps are made in the Net Maker. Players do not need anything to make them.

It takes 1 hour to make a trap, and 51 minutes in a fully mastered machine. Each trap gives players 3 experience points.

Using duck traps


Traps must remain in the water for 2 hours (or 5 diamonds) before players can pull them. No experience points are awarded at this time. Traps cannot be pulled if the Duck Salon is being repaired or upgraded, or if there is no room in the salon.

When the trap is pulled the duck is placed immediately into the Duck Salon but it will take another 3 hours (or 6 diamonds) until players can collect its feather. The duck goes back into the water after that.

Each trap catches 1 duck, and the fishing spot can be reused right away - there's no cooldown time after using a trap. There are no fishing book rewards for catching ducks.


Main article: Achievements

Catching ducks allows players to complete the 'Duck Salon' and 'Beauty Salon' achievements.

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