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Duck Salon

The Duck Salon is a production building unlocked at experience level 50.

It is used to extract duck feathers from ducks.


The appearance of the salon changes as the player upgrades it:

Duck Salon Stage1.png Duck Salon Stage2.png Duck Salon Stage3.png
With one seat With two seats With three seats
Duck Salon Stage4.png Duck Salon Stage5.png Duck Salon Stage6.png
With four seats With five seats With six seats


Broken salon

It costs 90,000coincoin and takes 2 days and 5 hours (or 68 diadia) to repair the Duck Salon. It gives players 34 xpxp when repaired.

Unlike other machines, the Duck Salon cannot be moved or rotated.


Duck Feather.png
Duck feather
Lvl 50
3 h


Main article: Production Buildings

The Duck Salon originally has one seat available. Unlocking more slots costs coincoin:

  • 2nd seat: 51,000 coincoin
  • 3rd seat: 59,000 coincoin
  • 4th seat: 72,000 coincoin
  • 5th seat: 90,000 coincoin
  • 6th seat: 115,000 coincoin

Upgrades take more and more time:

  • 2nd seat: 13 h 30 min (or 38 diadia)
  • 3rd seat: 16 h (or 40 diadia)
  • 4th seat: 18 h (or 42 diadia)
  • 5th seat: 20 h 30 min (or 44 diadia)
  • 6th seat: 22 h 30 min (or 46 diadia)

When repaired players get xpxp:

  • 2nd seat: 19 xpxp
  • 3rd seat: 20 xpxp
  • 4th seat: 21 xpxp
  • 5th seat: 22 xpxp
  • 6th seat: 23 xpxp

Ducks cannot be put into the salon while it is being upgraded. Ducks which were already in it cannot be taken out before the upgrade is complete.


Unlike other machines, the Duck Salon cannot be mastered.

Strategy tips

  • Catching a duck takes 2 hours so you can get a maximum of 6 feathers every 5 hours (providing you steadily produce duck traps).
  • Animations for the ducks sitting in the salon get more varied as you upgrade the machine.