Ducks are animals found in the fishing lake. They produce feathers.

They are unlocked at experience level 50 when when the Duck Salon can be repaired.

They are the last type of farm animal unlocked in the game.


Ducks have three main states: sitting in the salon as they get their hair styled, covered in feathers once their hair is done and flying. They get more varied sitting animations as players upgrade the salon. Unlike other animals, they do not change appearance during seasonal themes.

Duck Cookie Duck Book Duck Ice Cream Duck Cocktail Duck Cucumber Duck Bubbles Duck ready

Catching ducks

Duck Trapped

Ducks can be caught with duck traps made in the Net Maker. Catching a duck takes 2 hours or 5 diamonds. Ducks must then stay in the Duck Salon for 3 more hours before they yield feathers. Players can also expedite the collection of feathers from the Salon by paying 6 diamonds per Duck.

Duck Salon Stage6

The salon can initially welcome only one duck. Players can upgrade it using coins to make room for more ducks (to a maximum of six ducks).

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