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Diamonds are the premium currency of the game. They are not required to play and progress in the game but let players buy special decorations and customization options, or progress faster.

Diamonds are also used to make three special products: mystery nets, diamond rings and gracious bouquets.

Obtaining diamonds through in-game means

Players are given 30 diamonds at the start of the game. There are 14 ways to obtain additional Diamonds for free:

Obtaining diamonds using real currency

Diamonds can be purchased using real money, providing players have enabled in-app purchases in their device settings.

To buy diamonds players need to tap on the + (plus) icon near the diamond counter and select an option:

Option Price (US$/€) Nb. of diamonds Cost per diamond
Pile 2.29 50 0.046
Bag 5.49 130 0.042
Sack 10.99 275 0.040
Box 21.99 570 0.039
Chest 43.99 1,500 0.029
Trunk 109.99 4,000 0.027

Occasionally, a player may be selected for a special discount. These deals are randomly assigned and last for an hour at a time, or, if it is a holiday discount, a full day.

Double-tap confirmation

To reduce unintentional use of diamonds, players can enable double-tap confirmation in their settings. However, this does not apply to all actions such as buying decorations or getting missing items.

Using diamonds to make special items

Main article: Mystery Net

Main article: Diamond Ring

Main article: Gracious Bouquet

Diamonds can be used to make the following products:

Mystery net

Diamond ring

Gracious bouquet

Mystery Net Diamond Ring Gracious Bouquet
Diamond.pngx5 Diamond.pngx1 Diamond.pngx1
Level 30 Level 40 Level 73

Diamond rings are requested in jewelry truck orders and in the Gift Shop in the town.

Mystery nets are used to catch special items in the fishing lake.

Other uses

Diamonds can also be used to:

See the tables below for more details.

Strategy tips

  • Diamonds should be first spent on adding machines slot and adding boxes in the Roadside Shop.  These have permanent value and will benefit you throughout the game.  Spending diamonds on any other task (making Diamond Rings, making Mystery Nets, buying Tom/Rose/Ernest/Rose/Greg, speeding up machines/buildings/repairs, buying crops/products/decorations, etc.) only provides a temporary benefit.
  • There are several third party websites who offer in-game currency for Hay Day. Using sites like these are against Hay Day's Terms of Service, and they reserve the right to take actions against accounts that do not follow their terms.
  • See DarrenPaul's guide on how to use Tom to mine diamonds.
  • Provided a player can spare the barn space for their long-term storage, and is not in greater need of other items from him, hiring Tom and using at least the first few requests for rings is a more efficient use of diamonds than making the rings at the jeweler.

Purchasing missing items

Help.png The following list is incomplete. You can help the Hay Day Wiki by adding missing information.

This table, once expanded, shows you how many diamonds you could spend on Items, Speed Ups, Additional Slots and Other actions.

For Items, it shows the number of diamonds needed to get one quantity of that item. This usually occurs when you have insufficient quantity of the desired item for fulfilling boat crate, truck order or initiating another production item.

Note; for items, this statistic of number of diamonds to purchase is not listed on the Item's full description.

Note: the columns in this table are sortable.

Use Category Item Cost in diamonds
Item Currencies Coins (20) 1
Item Currencies Green voucher 15
Item Currencies Blue voucher 30
Item Currencies Purple voucher 50
Item Currencies Golden voucher 80
Item Currencies Gift card 3
Item Supplies Building supplies (farm) 8
Item Supplies Building supplies (town) 12
Item Supplies Expansion supplies 12
Item Supplies Axe 4
Item Supplies Saw 5
Item Supplies Dynamite 3
Item Supplies TNT barrel 7
Item Supplies Shovel 10
Item Supplies Pickaxe 12
Item Decorations Cupid statue 90
Item Decorations Gramophone 90
Item Decorations Tortoise 20
Item Decorations Ditch 8
Item Decorations Trail 8
Item Decorations Classic topiary 5
Item Decorations Cone topiary 8
Item Decorations Pink scooter 35
Item Decorations Statue 45
Item Decorations Windmill 35
Item Decorations Vintage bike 35
Item Decorations Golden well 59
Item Decorations Golden outhouse 49
Item Decorations Flower wagon 35
Item Decorations Golden swing 69
Item Decorations White carriage 130
Item Decorations Tulip shoes 20
Item Decorations Spider tree 40
Item Decorations Candy cauldron 15
Item Decorations Gargoyle 90
Item Decorations Haunted birdhouse 20
Item Decorations Spooky pumpkin 25
Item Decorations Spooky plant 40
Item Decorations Cemetery fence 5
Item Decorations Golden telescope 90
Item Decorations Pig balloon 12
Item Decorations Cow balloon 12
Item Decorations Chicken balloon 12
Item Decorations Easter basket 45
Item Decorations Hydrant 7
Item Decorations Wren house 5
Item Decorations Wheelbarrow 16
Item Decorations Fresh hay 8
Item Decorations Pavilion 30
Item Decorations Garden bench 20
Item Decorations Picnic mat 7
Item Decorations Mushroom house 25
Item Decorations Holiday tree 30
Item Decorations Toy soldier 2
Item Decorations Mr. Snow 25
Item Decorations Ms. Snow 25
Item Decorations Small frozen pond 10
Item Decorations Large frozen pond 14
Item Decorations Snow globe 110
Item Decorations Snowball lantern 5
Item Decorations Winter carousel 120
Item Decorations Holiday fence 5
Item Decorations Holiday light fence 8
Item Decorations Tombstone 10
Item Decorations Gate 2
Item Decorations Hollow tree 20
Item Crops Wheat 1
Item Crops Corn 1
Item Crops Soybean 2
Item Crops Sugarcane 3
Item Crops Carrot 2
Item Crops Indigo 5
Item Crops Pumpkin 6
Item Crops Apple 7
Item Crops Cotton 6
Item Crops Raspberry 9
Item Crops Cherry 13
Item Crops Chili pepper 7
Item Crops Blackberry 16
Item Crops Tomato 8
Item Crops Strawberry 10
Item Crops Potato 7
Item Crops Cacao 16
Item Crops Coffee bean 12
Item Crops Rice 3
Item Crops Olive 17
Item Crops Lettuce 7
Item Crops Lemon 18
Item Animal Goods Egg 4
Item Animal Goods Milk 6
Item Animal Goods Bacon 10
Item Animal Goods Wool 11
Item Animal Goods Goat milk 13
Item Animal Goods Fish fillet 11
Item Animal Goods Honeycomb 3
Item Animal Goods Lobster tail 21
Item Animal Goods Duck feather 15
Item Bakery Bread 4
Item Bakery Corn bread 13
Item Bakery Cookie 19
Item Bakery Raspberry muffin 27
Item Bakery Blackberry muffin 44
Item Bakery Pizza 34
Item Bakery Spicy pizza 41
Item Bakery Potato bread 53
Item Bakery Frutti di Mare pizza 58
Item Feed Mill Chicken feed 2
Item Feed Mill Cow feed 3
Item Feed Mill Pig feed 3
Item Feed Mill Sheep feed 3
Item Feed Mill Goat feed 3
Item Dairy Cream 8
Item Dairy Butter 15
Item Dairy Cheese 22
Item Dairy Goat cheese 31
Item Sugar Mill Brown sugar 5
Item Sugar Mill White sugar 9
Item Sugar Mill Syrup 17
Item Popcorn Pot Popcorn 5
Item Popcorn Pot Buttered popcorn 21
Item Popcorn Pot Chili popcorn 21
Item Popcorn Pot Chocolate popcorn 43
Item Popcorn Pot Honey popcorn 23
Item BBQ Grill Pancake 20
Item BBQ Grill Bacon and eggs 40
Item BBQ Grill Hamburger 33
Item BBQ Grill Fish burger 42
Item BBQ Grill Roasted tomatoes 21
Item BBQ Grill Baked potato 54
Item BBQ Grill Fish and chips 48
Item BBQ Grill Lobster skewer 39
Item Pie Oven Carrot pie 16
Item Pie Oven Pumpkin pie 29
Item Pie Oven Bacon pie 42
Item Pie Oven Apple pie 50
Item Pie Oven Fish pie 44
Item Pie Oven Feta pie 42
Item Pie Oven Casserole 69
Item Pie Oven Shepherd's pie 55
Item Pie Oven Lemon pie 82
Item Loom Sweater 27
Item Loom Cotton fabric 21
Item Loom Blue woolly hat 20
Item Loom Blue sweater 38
Item Loom Red scarf 54
Item Sewing Machine Cotton shirt 45
Item Sewing Machine Wooly chaps 57
Item Sewing Machine Violet dress 61
Item Sewing Machine Pillow 93
Item Sewing Machine Blanket 151
Item Cake Oven Carrot cake 29
Item Cake Oven Cream cake 36
Item Cake Oven Red berry cake 49
Item Cake Oven Cheesecake 48
Item Cake Oven Strawberry cake 54
Item Cake Oven Chocolate cake 57
Item Cake Oven Potato feta cake 59
Item Cake Oven Honey apple cake 47
Item Cake Oven Lemon cake 167
Item Mine Silver ore 5
Item Mine Gold ore 6
Item Mine Platinum ore 7
Item Mine Coal 3
Item Mine Iron ore 4
Item Smelter Silver bar 25
Item Smelter Gold bar 30
Item Smelter Platinum bar 34
Item Smelter Iron bar 21
Item Smelter Refined coal 17
Item Juice Press Carrot juice 9
Item Juice Press Apple juice 23
Item Juice Press Cherry juice 40
Item Juice Press Tomato juice 29
Item Juice Press Berry juice 38
Item Lures Red lure 5
Item Lures Green lure 19
Item Lures Blue lure 34
Item Lures Purple lure 53
Item Lures Gold lure 83
Item Ice Cream Maker Vanilla ice cream 28
Item Ice Cream Maker Cherry popsicle 55
Item Ice Cream Maker Strawberry ice cream 60
Item Ice Cream Maker Chocolate ice cream 61
Item Net Maker Fishing net 7
Item Net Maker Mystery net 12
Item Net Maker Lobster trap 5
Item Net Maker Duck trap 4
Item Jam Maker Apple jam 29
Item Jam Maker Raspberry jam 36
Item Jam Maker Blackberry jam 58
Item Jam Maker Cherry jam 48
Item Jam Maker Strawberry jam 39
Item Jeweler Bracelet 85
Item Jeweler Necklace 120
Item Jeweler Diamond ring 136
Item Jeweler Iron bracelet 106
Item Honey Extractor Honey 8
Item Honey Extractor Beeswax 12
Item Coffee Kiosk Espresso 46
Item Coffee Kiosk Caffè latte 41
Item Coffee Kiosk Caffè mocha 101
Item Coffee Kiosk Raspberry mocha 92
Item Coffee Kiosk Hot chocolate 58
Item Soup Kitchen Lobster soup 78
Item Soup Kitchen Tomato soup 88
Item Soup Kitchen Pumpkin soup 50
Item Soup Kitchen Fish soup 57
Item Candle Maker Strawberry candle 37
Item Candle Maker Raspberry candle 35
Item Candle Maker Lemon candle 53
Item Candy Machine Caramel apple 46
Item Candy Machine Toffee ?
Item Candy Machine Chocolate 80
Item Candy Machine Lollipop 62
Item Candy Machine Jelly beans 119
Item Sauce Maker Soy sauce 25
Item Sauce Maker Olive oil 54
Item Sauce Maker Mayonnaise 72
Item Sauce Maker Lemon curd 71
Item Sauce Maker Tomato sauce 42
Item Sushi Bar Sushi roll 85
Item Sushi Bar Lobster sushi 95
Item Sushi Bar Egg sushi 96
Item Salad Bar Feta salad 143
Item Salad Bar BLT salad 139
Item Salad Bar Seafood salad 130
Item Salad Bar Pasta salad ?
Item Sandwich Bar Veggie bagel 102
Item Sandwich Bar Bacon toast 126
Item Sandwich Bar Egg sandwich 113
Item Sandwich Bar Honey toast 26
Item Smoothie Mixer Berry smoothie ?
Item Smoothie Mixer Green smoothie 63
Item Smoothie Mixer Yogurt smoothie 65
Item Smoothie Mixer Cucumber smoothie ?
Item Smoothie Mixer Mixed smoothie ?
Item Smoothie Mixer Black sesame smoothie ?
Item Smoothie Mixer Cocoa smoothie 91
Item Smoothie Mixer Plum smoothie ?
Item Hat Maker Sun hat 83
Item Hat Maker Top hat 102
Item Hat Maker Cloche hat ?
Item Taco Kitchen Taco ?
Item Taco Kitchen Fish Taco ?
Item Taco Kitchen Quesadilla 44
Item Taco Kitchen Nachos ?
Item Daily Dirt Daily deal Will show
Additional Roadside Shop Slots - 6th 5
Additional Production building (farm) Slots - 3rd 6
Additional Production building (farm) Slots - 4th 9
Additional Production building (farm) Slots - 5th 12
Additional Production building (farm) Slots - 6th 15
Additional Production building (farm) Slots - 7th 18
Additional Production building (farm) Slots - 8th 21
Additional Production building (farm) Slots - 9th 24
Additional Feed Mill Slots - 3rd 3
Additional Feed Mill Slots - 4th 6
Additional Feed Mill Slots - 5th 9
Additional Feed Mill Slots - 6th 12
Additional Feed Mill Slots - 7th 15
Additional Feed Mill Slots - 8th 18
Additional Feed Mill Slots - 9th 21
Additional Smelter Slots - 2nd 6
Additional Smelter Slots - 3rd 9
Additional Smelter Slots - 4th 12
Additional Smelter Slots - 5th 15
Additional Smelter Slots - 6th 18
Additional Smelter Slots - 7th 21
Additional Smelter Slots - 8th 24
Additional Smelter Slots - 9th 27
Additional Production building (fishing area) Slots 10
Additional Roadside Shop Crate - 6th 5
Additional Wheel of Fortune Spin - 1st 1
Additional Wheel of Fortune Spin - 2nd 2
Additional Wheel of Fortune Spin - 3rd 3
Additional Derby Task 10
Speed up Boat Get next boat now 5
Speed up Catalogue Get next mystery package now 1
Other Tom Service day - 1 15
Other Tom Service days - 5 60
Other Tom Service days - 10 100
Other Roadside Shop Cancel selling 1
Other Mystery Tool Box Unlocking 3
Other Treasure Chests Unlocking 5
Other Derby Shuffle rewards 5
Speed up Derby Task availability 5