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Be careful: You may experience some bugs while doing the Derby. Some tasks can be duplicated once you've finished them. The duplicate won't give you any points. Support recommends you trash it. Failed tasks can also appear to be still active in your log (no red cross, not grayed out). They're not.
Derby stand

Derbies are limited events that occur in neighborhoods from experience level 18 onwards.

Every week, a derby (a horse race) starts between neighborhoods and give them the opportunity to win prizes. The derby stand unlocks as the player repairs the neighborhood house.


Derbies last 6 days, from 8am UTC on Tuesdays to 8am UTC on Mondays. During the 24-hour cool down period members can opt out, opt back in or participate in the next derby with a different neighborhood.


A maximum of 15 random neighborhoods compete against each other in the same league. A neighborhood is matched only with those with the same number of players who opted in to play derby, regardless of the total number of players in the neighborhood. Matching begins at the moment the first task is selected.


Leagues determine the number of tasks players can complete and, consequently, the number of rewards they can get. One extra task, purchased with 10 diamonds, is available in every league.

There are five leagues:



Main article: Derby Tasks

Completing a task gives players derby points. There are 12 different types of tasks.

Time limited tasks:

Non-time-limited tasks:

Combo tasks and mystery tasks

Combo tasks (or basket tasks) are exactly the same types of tasks as mentioned above but less specific. For instance, instead of serving one type of town visitors 10 times, players will have to serve three types of visitors three times each. Depending on whether the original task is time-limited, the combo task will either be time-limited or not.

During mystery derbies, some tasks remain unknown until players pick them.

Managing tasks

Personal task log
Neighborhood task log

Each player can only choose one task at a time. Failing to complete a chosen task does not result in a penalty but still counts toward the player's task quota.

Neighborhood leaders, co-leaders, and elders can discard any non-selected task; a new task then replaces the discarded one 30 minutes later.

A player's list of completed or failed tasks is shown below the task board.

Neighborhood leaders can also display the neighborhood task log in the chat panel. It ranks members according to the number of tasks they have completed and the number of points they have earned. When a neighborhood competes It also displays the total number of trashed tasks for players in the Champions League.

Points and horseshoes


Derby points are won by completing tasks. Usually, tasks can give from 50 to 320 points. Players in higher leagues have more chances of getting high-value tasks on their boards (see the table below). During thematic derbies, some tasks can be worth up to 400 points.

When a neighborhood has reached a certain number of points - or flag, they win a horseshoe (see the table below).

Flags and points are displayed on the racetrack tab, which shows all neighborhood competing in the race.

Horseshoe rewards


Rewards are won by reaching horseshoes. Each horseshoe gives players the possibility to pick one reward out of three. Players who do not complete any tasks do not get any derby rewards.

Rewards can be one or more supplies, products, vouchers, boosters, expansion permits, puzzle pieces, exclusive decorations or diamonds.

During some thematic derbies, players can get better rewards or additional rewards.

Players can use the reshuffle button to try and win different rewards by spending 5 diamonds.

Players who did not complete at least one task during the derby cannot claim their rewards.

Top 3 rewards

Top 3 rewards

Reaching the end of the derby in first, second or third place within your league gives the neighborhood a gold, silver or bronze trophy and additional random rewards. During some thematic derbies, top 3 neighborhoods get exclusive rewards instead.

League ladder

League ladder

Neighborhoods finishing a race in the top three are promoted to a higher league for the next derby.

Neighborhoods ranking in the bottom three and neighborhoods which did not reach the first horseshoe checkpoint move down to a lower league.

Other neighborhoods stay in their current leagues.

When all neighborhood members have opted out of a derby, the neighborhood is automatically demoted to the lower league.

Champions League leaderboard

Main article: Leaderboard

Champions league leaderboard

Top neighborhoods competing in the champions league are ranked in a global leaderboard. Scores are based on the neighborhood's average champion league points in the previous four weeks of competition. If a neighborhood is demoted to the expert league, they lose their leaderboard points.

Opting out

Players can opt out of the derby, or opt back in, at any time by (un)checking the appropriate option in their settings.

Players who have been inactive for a while are automatically opted out.

Neighborhood leaders and co-leaders can opt out members of their neighborhood. Members can opt back in if they want to. Co-leaders cannot opt leaders out.


Main article: Achievements

  • Achieving tasks contributes toward the Taskmaster achievement.
  • Accumulating points contributes toward the Diligent Neighbor achievement.
  • Participating in Champions League derbies contributes toward the Derby Champ achievement.

Strategy tips

  • Complete the task first, or go through the task midway, then select your event to save time.
  • Coordinate with other members so you can help each other out.
  • Neighborhoods with less than 4 members opting in cannot reach some horseshoe flags even if every member only picks 320-point tasks. This is a known limitation.
  • Neighborhoods with 3 members opting in and completing ten 320-point tasks can reach the 8th horseshoe. Note that usually the 9th horseshoe reward usually does not include anything special such as expansion permits, puzzle pieces, boosters or special decorative items.
  • It appears that horseshoe rewards currently follow this pattern. If a puzzle piece is included, it would appear at the 3rd and 6th horseshoes. Boosters are likely to appear at the 4th and 7th horseshoes. If an expansion permit is included, it would appear at the 5th and 8th horseshoes. So if you were interested in only expansion permits and puzzle pieces, you do not need to have more than 3 members opt in as the 9th horseshoe will not give you what you are looking for.
  • Depending on your neighborhood's initial size and the league you're in it might be easier to move up the league ladder with more opted-in players, or oddly enough, less of them. Opted-out players can help opt-in players with some tasks (providing items for town, truck and boat orders, setting plants to be revived, making specific vistors available for pick up, etc.).


Table of task probabilities

League Easy
Rookie 30% 30% 40%
Novice 20% 30% 50%
Professional 15% 25% 60%
Expert 10% 20% 70%
Champion 0% 0% 100%

Table of derby checkpoints

This table lists the number of derby points neighborhoods must reach in the Champoins League at each checkpoint according to their size.

Note: thresholds have been modified in the December 2018 update. Please be patient while we're collecting new numbers. In general you can expect thresholds to have gone up if you are in a 4-player hood or more, and down if you're in a hood with less than 4 players.

No. of members Flag #1 Flag #2 Flag #3 Flag #4 Flag #5 Flag #6 Flag #7 Flag #8 Flag #9
1 450 792 1,134 1,476 1,818 2,160 2,502 2,925 3,186
2 900 1,584 2,268 2,952 3,636 4,320 5,004 5,850 6,373
3 1,350 2,376 3,402 4,428 5,454 6,480 7,506 8,532 9,558
4 1,800 3,024 4,248 5,472 6,696 7,920 9,144 10,368 11,520
5 2,250 3,735 5,220 6,705 8,190 9,675 11,160 12,645 13,950
6 2,700 4,482 6,264 8,046 9,828 11,610 13,392 15,174 16,740
7 2,835 4,851 6,867 8,883 10,899 12,915 14,931 16,947 18,900
8 3,240 5,544 7,848 10,152 12,456 14,760 17,064 19,368 21,600
9 3,645 6,237 8,829 11,421 14,013 16,605 19,197 21,789 24,300
10 4,050 6,930 9,810 12,690 15,570 18,450 21,330 24,210 26,550
11 4,455 7,623 10,791 13,959 17,127 20,295 23,463 26,631 29,205
12 4,860 8,316 11,772 15,228 18,684 22,140 25,596 29,052 31,860
13 4,680 8,424 12,168 15,912 19,656 23,400 27,144 30,888 34,515
14 5,040 9,072 13,104 17,136 21,168 25,200 29,232 33,264 36,540
15 5,400 9,720 14,040 18,360 22,680 27,000 31,320 35,640 39,150
16 5,760 10,368 14,976 19,584 24,192 28,800 33,408 38,016 41,760
17 6,120 11,016 15,912 20,808 25,704 30,600 35,496 40,392 44,370
18 6,480 11,664 16,848 22,032 27,216 32,400 37,584 42,768 46,980
19 5,985 11,457 16,929 22,401 27,873 33,345 38,817 44,289 49,590
22 6,930 13,266 19,602 25,938 32,274 38,610 44,946 51,282 57,420
24 7,560 14,472 21,384 28,296 35,208 42,120 49,032 55,944 61,560
25 7,875 15,075 22,275 29,475 36,675 43,875 51,075 58,275 64,125
27 7.290 15.066 22.842 30.618 38.394 46.170 53.946 61.722 69.255
30 8,100 16,740 25,380 34,020 42,660 51,300 59,940 68,580 76,950