Decorations are items which players can place on their farms or towns for purely decorative purposes. They have no other function in the game. Decorations are unlocked as the player levels up, and first appear at experience level 1.

Buying decorations


Most decorations can be bought from the shop, under its flower icon, for coins, diamonds, or vouchers. Caution must be exercised as no confirmation box will pop up before buying. Moreover, most decorations cost at least 2 coins more after each purchase.

However, some decorations only come as rewards for doing certain activities:

These are immediately stored in the shop.

Moving and storing decorations

Shop Storage

As with most buildings and animal shelters, decorations can be moved, stored, and/or rotated by holding a finger over the item and waiting until the "arrow meter" fills fully. Storing a decoration puts it back in the shop, and additional items of that type cannot be bought while the item is stored. Stored decos are found in the storage tab.

Unlike other items decorations do no count towards barn storage.

Special effects

Flowers attract butterflies, bird houses attract birds, and ponds attract frogs.

Some decorations get animated when tapped while others are always animated (see the lists below).

Unlike 'natural' trees, trees bought in the shop sway in the breeze but do not change with seasons.



The making of Hay Day Cello Decoration

The making of Hay Day Cello Decoration

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