Players can customize three parts of their roadside shops: the awning, the crates and the base. This lists available options.

There are 86 options overall, including the original three: 35 for awnings, 29 for crates and 22 for bases.

The star icon (★) denotes options which are part of a style.


Original Price Buyback Price (-75%)
Awning Black Wooden Black Wooden 15bluevBlue Voucher 3bluevBlue Voucher
Awning Blue Bunting Blue Bunting 450,000coinCoins 112,500coinCoins
Awning Blue Umbrella Blue Umbrella★ 80,000coinCoins 20,000coinCoins
Awning Blue Wooden Blue Wooden★ 90,000coinCoins 22,500coinCoins
Awning Bright Umbrella Bright Umbrella 50greenvGreen Voucher 5goldvGolden Voucher 12greenvGreen Voucher 1goldvGolden Voucher
Awning Brown Wooden Brown Wooden 50,000coinCoins 12,500coinCoins
Awning Dark Plank Dark Plank 10bluevBlue Voucher 70greenvGreen Voucher 2bluevBlue Voucher 17greenvGreen Voucher
Awning Dark Rainbow Dark Rainbow 35diaDiamond 87,500coinCoins
Awning Dark Straw Dark Straw 2goldvGolden Voucher 40greenvGreen Voucher 1goldvGolden Voucher 10greenvGreen Voucher
Awning Fresh Straw Fresh Straw 30diaDiamond 75,000coinCoins
Awning Green Umbrella Green Umbrella 75,000coinCoins 18,250coinCoins
Awning Green Wooden Green Wooden 120,000coinCoins 30,000coinCoins
Awning Light Wooden Light Wooden 30greenvGreen Voucher 7greenvGreen Voucher
Awning Olive Canvas Olive Canvas 215,000coinCoins 53,750coinCoins
Awning Pastel Canvas Pastel Canvas★ 10greenvGreen Voucher 2greenvGreen Voucher
Awning Pink Bunting Pink Bunting 320,000coinCoins 80,000coinCoins
Awning Pink Canvas Pink Canvas 20bluevBlue Voucher 30greenvGreen Voucher 5bluevBlue Voucher 7greenvGreen Voucher
Awning Pink Umbrella Pink Umbrella 50diaDiamond 125,000coinCoins
Awning Plank Plank 10bluevBlue Voucher 40greenvGreen Voucher 2bluevBlue Voucher 20greenvGreen Voucher
Awning Purple Umbrella Purple Umbrella 5purplevPurple Voucher 5greenvGreen Voucher 1purplevPurple Voucher 1greenvGreen Voucher
Awning Purple Wooden Purple Wooden 400,000coinCoins 100,000coinCoins
Awning Rainbow Rainbow★ 10purplevPurple Voucher 90greenvGreen Voucher 2purplevPurple Voucher 22greenvGreen Voucher
Awning Red Bunting Red Bunting 30bluevBlue Voucher 50greenvGreen Voucher 7bluevBlue Voucher 12greenvGreen Voucher
Awning Red Umbrella Red Umbrella 20bluevBlue Voucher 50greenvGreen Voucher 5bluevBlue Voucher 12greenvGreen Voucher
Awning Red Wooden Red Wooden 20diaDiamond 50,000coinCoins
Awning Striped Bright Striped Bright★ 450,000coinCoins 112,500coinCoins
Awning Striped Dark Striped Dark 10purplevPurple Voucher 40bluevBlue Voucher 2purplevPurple Voucher 10bluevBlue Voucher
Awning Striped Green Striped Green 20greenvGreen Voucher 5greenvGreen Voucher
Awning Striped Orange Striped Orange 60greenvGreen Voucher 15greenvGreen Voucher
Awning Striped Original Striped Original 1,000coinCoins 250coinCoins
Awning Striped Yellow Striped Yellow 200,000coinCoins 50,000coinCoins
Awning Yellow Bunting Yellow Bunting★ 15diaDiamond 37,500coinCoins
Awning Yellow Canvas Yellow Canvas 150,000coinCoins 37,500coinCoins
Awning Yellow Straw Yellow Straw★ 250,000coinCoins 62,500coinCoins
Awning Yellow Umbrella Yellow Umbrella 100,000coinCoins 25,000coinCoins


Original Price Buyback Price (-75%)
Crates Blue Plank Blue Plank★ 25diaDiamond 62,500coinCoins
Crates Brown Fenced Brown Fenced 10bluevBlue Voucher 2bluevBlue Voucher
Crates Brown Plank Brown Plank★ 20greenvGreen Voucher 5greenvGreen Voucher
Crates Chunky Blue Chunky Blue 75,000coinCoins 18,250coinCoins
Crates Chunky Bright Chunky Bright 5goldvGolden Voucher 75greenvGreen Voucher 1greenvGreen Voucher 18greenvGreen Voucher
Crates Chunky Brown Chunky Brown 50greenvGreen Voucher 12greenvGreen Voucher
Crates Chunky Garden Chunky Garden 35diaDiamond 87,500coinCoins
Crates Chunky Green Chunky Green 15greenvGreen Voucher 3greenvGreen Voucher
Crates Chunky Pink Chunky Pink★ 500,000coinCoins 87,500coinCoins
Crates Chunky Red Chunky Red 30bluevBlue Voucher 7bluevBlue Voucher
Crates Chunky White Chunky White 200,000coinCoins 50,000coinCoins
Crates Dark Wooden Dark Wooden 20bluevBlue Voucher 30greenvGreen Voucher 5bluevBlue Voucher 7greenvGreen Voucher
Crates Green Fenced Green Fenced 5purplevPurple Voucher 40greenvGreen Voucher 1purplevPurple Voucher 10greenvGreen Voucher
Crates Green Wooden Green Wooden 30diaDiamond 75,000coinCoins
Crates Green-Framed Green-Framed 300,000coinCoins 75,000coinCoins
Crates Olive-Framed Olive-Framed 60greenvGreen Voucher 15greenvGreen Voucher
Crates Orange-Framed Orange-Framed 80greenvGreen Voucher 20greenvGreen Voucher
Crates Original Wood Original Wood 1,000coinCoins 250coinCoins
Crates Pastel-Framed Pastel-Framed★ 50,000coinCoins 12,500coinCoins
Crates Pink Plank Pink Plank 250,000coinCoins 62,500coinCoins
Crates Purple Fenced Purple Fenced 150,000coinCoins 37,500coinCoins
Crates Purple Wooden Purple Wooden 20diaDiamond 50,000coinCoins
Crates Rainbow Rainbow★ 45diaDiamond 112,500coinCoins
Crates White Fenced White Fenced★ 450,000coinCoins 112,500coinCoins
Crates Wrapped Blue Wrapped Blue★ 275,000coinCoins 68,750coinCoins
Crates Wrapped Green Wrapped Green 90,000coinCoins 22,500coinCoins
Crates Wrapped Pink Wrapped Pink 15bluevBlue Voucher 50greenvGreen Voucher 3bluevBlue Voucher 12greenvGreen Voucher
Crates Wrapped Yellow Wrapped Yellow 15diaDiamond 37,500coinCoins
Crates Yellow-Framed Yellow-Framed 100,000coinCoins 25,000coinCoins


Original Price Buyback Price (-75%)
Base Blue Bunting Blue Bunting★ 400,000coinCoins 100,000coinCoins
Base Blue Tile Blue Tile★ 5bluevBlue Voucher 10greenvGreen Voucher 1bluevBlue Voucher 2greenvGreen Voucher
Base Bright Bunting Bright Bunting 3goldvGolden Voucher 30bluevBlue Voucher 1goldvGolden Voucher 7bluevBlue Voucher
Base Checkered Blue Checkered Blue 250,000coinCoins 62,500coinCoins
Base Checkered Brown Checkered Brown 90,000coinCoins 22,500coinCoins
Base Checkered Green Checkered Green★ 10greenvGreen Voucher 2greenvGreen Voucher
Base Checkered Navy Checkered Navy 5purplevPurple Voucher 30bluevBlue Voucher 1purplevPurple Voucher 7bluevBlue Voucher
Base Checkered Orange Checkered Orange 20diaDiamond 50,000coinCoins
Base Dark Straw Dark Straw 200,000coinCoins 50,000coinCoins
Base Fresh Straw Fresh Straw 40greenvGreen Voucher 10greenvGreen Voucher
Base Green Green Wood 20greenvGreen Voucher 5greenvGreen Voucher
Base Maroon Tile Maroon Tile 250,000coinCoins 62,500coinCoins
Base Olive Tile Olive Tile 50greenvGreen Voucher 12greenvGreen Voucher
Base Olive Wood Olive Wood 75,000coinCoins 18,250coinCoins
Base Original Wood Original Wood 1,000coinCoins 250coinCoins
Base Overgrown Overgrown★ 50diaDiamond 125,000coinCoins
Base Pink Bunting Pink Bunting★ 35diaDiamond 87,500coinCoins
Base Purple Wood Purple Wood 150,000coinCoins 37,500coinCoins
Base Red Bunting Red Bunting 5bluevBlue Voucher 25greenvGreen Voucher 1bluevBlue Voucher 6greenvGreen Voucher
Base Stone Stone 20bluevBlue Voucher 65greenvGreen Voucher 5bluevBlue Voucher 16greenvGreen Voucher
Base White Tile White Tile 15diaDiamond 37,500coinCoins
Base Yellow Straw Yellow Straw★ 450,000coinCoins 112,500coinCoins

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