Players can customize three parts of their farmhouses: the roof, the walls and the porch. This lists available options.

There are 78 options overall, including the original three: 34 for roofs, 31 for walls and 13 for porches.

The star icon (★) denotes options which are part of a style.


Original Price Buyback Price (-75%)
Roof Black Metal Black Metal★ 5goldvGolden Voucher 50greenvGreen Voucher 1goldvGolden Voucher 12greenvGreen Voucher
Roof Black Open Gable Black Open Gable 50,000coinCoins 12,500coinCoins
Roof Black Planks Black Planks★ 200,000coinCoins 50,000coinCoins
Roof Blue Blue 10diaDiamond 25,000coinCoins
Roof Blue Attic Blue Attic 40bluevBlue Voucher 10bluevBlue Voucher
Roof Blue Open Gable Blue Open Gable★ 50,000coinCoins 12,500coinCoins
Roof Brown Attic Brown Attic 10greenvGreen Voucher 2greenvGreen Voucher
Roof Brown Planks Brown Planks 3purplevPurple Voucher 15greenvGreen Voucher 1purplevPurple Voucher 3greenvGreen Voucher
Roof Chrome Chrome 425,000coinCoins 106,250coinCoins
Roof Copper Copper★ 30diaDiamond 75,000coinCoins
Roof Dark Straw Dark Straw★ 75,000coinCoins 18,750coinCoins
Roof Flat Flat 45diaDiamond 112,500coinCoins
Roof Fresh Straw Fresh Straw 400,000coinCoins 100,000coinCoins
Roof Gold Open Gable Gold Open Gable 270,000 coinCoins 67,500coinCoins
Roof Green Attic Green Attic 120,000coinCoins 30,000coinCoins
Roof Green Open Gable Green Open Gable 250,000coinCoins 62,500coinCoins
Roof Green Planks Green Planks 140greenvGreen Voucher 35greenvGreen Voucher
Roof Light Blue Attic Light Blue Attic 100bluevBlue Voucher 25bluevBlue Voucher
Roof Light Brown Planks Light Brown Planks 10diaDiamond 25,000coinCoins
Roof Old Copper Old Copper 350,000coinCoins 87,500coinCoins
Roof Original Black Original Black 1,000coinCoins 250coinCoins
Roof Pink Open Gable Pink Open Gable 35purplevPurple Voucher 35greenvGreen Voucher 8purplevPurple Voucher 8greenvGreen Voucher
Roof Purple Purple 5bluevBlue Voucher 5greenvGreen Voucher 1bluevBlue Voucher 1greenvGreen Voucher
Roof Purple Attic Purple Attic 150,000coinCoins 37,500coinCoins
Roof Purple Open Gable Purple Open Gable 20purplevPurple Voucher 30greenvGreen Voucher 5purplevPurple Voucher 7greenvGreen Voucher
Roof Red Red 5purplevPurple Voucher 25bluevBlue Voucher 1purplevPurple Voucher 6bluevBlue Voucher
Roof Red Attic Red Attic 10diaDiamond 25,000coinCoins
Roof Red Open Gable Red Open Gable 450,000coinCoins 112,500coinCoins
Roof Spiked Black Spiked Black 35diaDiamond 87,500coinCoins
Roof Spiked Blue Spiked Blue 2goldvGolden Voucher 10bluevBlue Voucher 1goldvGolden Voucher 2bluevBlue Voucher
Roof Spiked Grey Spiked Grey 10goldvGolden Voucher 75greenvGreen Voucher 2goldvGolden Voucher 18greenvGreen Voucher
Roof Spiked Red Spiked Red★ 5purplevPurple Voucher 50greenvGreen Voucher 1purplevPurple Voucher 12greenvGreen Voucher
Roof Spiked White Spiked White★ 500,000coinCoins 125,000coinCoins
Roof Yellow Straw Yellow Straw 15diaDiamond 37,500coinCoins


Original Price Buyback Price (-75%)
Walls Blue-Grey Blue-Grey 150,000coinCoins 37,500coinCoins
Walls Brown Brown 60,000coinCoins 15,000coinCoins
Walls Country Grey Country Grey 15greenvGreen Voucher 3greenvGreen Voucher
Walls Country Pink Country Pink 15diaDiamond 37,500coinCoins
Walls Country Red Country Red 280,000coinCoins 70,000coinCoins
Walls Country White Country White 5goldvGolden Voucher 5purplevPurple Voucher 1goldvGolden Voucher 1purplevPurple Voucher
Walls Country Yellow Country Yellow 5goldvGolden Voucher 20greenvGreen Voucher 1goldvGolden Voucher 5purplevPurple Voucher
Walls Cute Blue Cute Blue 10bluevBlue Voucher 90greenvGreen Voucher 2bluevBlue Voucher 22greenvGreen Voucher
Walls Cute Green Cute Green 50greenvGreen Voucher 12greenvGreen Voucher
Walls Cute Grey Cute Grey 80,000coinCoins 20,000coinCoins
Walls Cute Pink Cute Pink★ 500,000coinCoins 125,000coinCoins
Walls Cute Purple Cute Purple 10purplevPurple Voucher 20bluevBlue Voucher 2purplevPurple Voucher 5bluevBlue Voucher
Walls Cute Red Cute Red 20diaDiamond 50,000coinCoins
Walls Cute Yellow Cute Yellow 100,000coinCoins 25,000coinCoins
Walls Dark Purple Dark Purple 5bluevBlue Voucher 10greenvGreen Voucher 1bluevBlue Voucher 2greenvGreen Voucher
Walls Green Cabin Green Cabin 320,000coinCoins 80,000coinCoins
Walls Green Planks Green Planks 50,000coinCoins 12,500coinCoins
Walls Guesthouse Guesthouse★ 35diaDiamond 87,500coinCoins
Walls Old Rose Planks Old Rose Planks 15greenvGreen Voucher 3greenvGreen Voucher
Walls Olive Olive 120,000coinCoins 30,000coinCoins
Walls Original White Original White 1,000coinCoins 250coinCoins
Walls Red Barn Red Barn★ 35diaDiamond 87,500coinCoins
Walls Red Planks Red Planks 2goldvGolden Voucher 30greenvGreen Voucher 1goldvGolden Voucher 7greenvGreen Voucher
Walls Rustic Rustic★ 10purplevPurple Voucher 70bluevBlue Voucher 2purplevPurple Voucher 17bluevBlue Voucher
Walls Teal Teal 20bluevBlue Voucher 20greenvGreen Voucher 5bluevBlue Voucher 5greenvGreen Voucher
Walls Teal planks Teal Planks★ 50,000coinCoins 12,500coinCoins
Walls Two-Tone Blue Two-Tone Blue 25diaDiamond 62,500coinCoins
Walls Two-Tone Green Two-Tone Green★ 250,000coinCoins 62,500coinCoins
Walls Two-Tone Purple Two-Tone Purple 10purplevPurple Voucher 40greenvGreen Voucher 2purplevPurple Voucher 10greenvGreen Voucher
Walls White Cabin White Cabin 480,000coinCoins 120,000coinCoins
Walls Yellow Planks Yellow Planks 37,500coinCoins 9,375coinCoins


Original Price Buyback Price (-75%)
Porch Barn Barn★ 50greenvGreen Voucher 12greenvGreen Voucher
Porch Bridge Bridge★ 500,000coinCoins 125,000coinCoins
Porch Country Country★ 50diaDiamond 125,000coinCoins
Porch Cute Cute 25diaDiamond 62,500coinCoins
Porch Dock Dock★ 5purplevPurple Voucher 30bluevBlue Voucher 1purplevPurple Voucher 7bluevBlue Voucher
Porch Fancy Fancy 5goldvGolden Voucher 95greenvGreen Voucher 1goldvGolden Voucher 23greenvGreen Voucher
Porch Full Balcony Full Balcony★ 3purplevPurple Voucher 10greenvGreen Voucher 1purplevPurple Voucher 2greenvGreen Voucher
Porch Guesthouse Guesthouse★ 10bluevBlue Voucher 70greenvGreen Voucher 2bluevBlue Voucher 17greenvGreen Voucher
Porch Original Original 1,000coinCoins 250coinCoins
Porch Rustic Rustic★ 330,000coinCoins 82,500coinCoins
Porch Stable Stable 35diaDiamond 87,500coinCoins
Porch Stone Stone 200,000coinCoins 50,000coinCoins
Porch White Fence White Fence 75,000coinCoins 18,750coinCoins

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