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Crops are plants players can cultivate on farm land. Some crops grow in fields while others grow on trees or bushes.

Crops are unlocked at experience level 1.

Crops are stored in the silo.

Cultivating crops


Players cultivate field crops by planting previously harvested crops into fields. One planted crop gives two harvested ones. When players unlock new types of plants they are given one to three plants to start up.

Apple Tree.png

Players cultivate tree and bush crops by placing trees or bushes on their farm. Trees and bushes die after several harvests and have to be regularly replaced with new ones.

Fields, trees and bushes are bought in the shop Shop Icon.png . Fields cost 1 coincoin each. Trees and bushes cost between 160 to 800 coincoin per unit. Planting field crops does not cost any money.

Available crops

For a much more comprehensive and detailed table see our Crops List for just crops, or see Goods List for all goods (not mobile-friendly).

Strategy tips