Candy Machine

The Candy Machine is a production building unlocked at experience level 51.

It is used to make caramel apples, toffee, chocolate, lollipopsjelly beans, honey peanuts, and sesame brittle .


It costs 120,000 coincoin (or 71 diadia) and takes 1 day to build the Candy Machine. It gives players 27 xpxp when completed.


Caramel Apple.png Toffee.png Chocolate.png
Caramel apple Toffee Chocolate
Lvl 51 Lvl 52 Lvl 54
2 h
★★★ 1 h 42 min
1 h 30 min
★★★ 1 h 16 min
20 h
★★★ 17 h
255coincoin 176coincoin 460coincoin
31xpxp 21xpxp 55xpxp
Lollipop.png Jelly Beans.png Honey Peanuts.png
Lollipop Jelly beans Honey peanuts
Lvl 57 Lvl 60 Lvl 63
12 h
★★★ 10 h 12 min
24 h
★★★ 20 h 24 min
40 m
★★★ 34 min
342coincoin 684coincoin 540coincoin
41xpxp 81xpxp 64xpxp
Sesame Brittle.png
Sesame brittle
Lvl 78
1 h
★★★ 51 min


Main article: Production Buildings

The Candy Machine originally has two slots available. Unlocking the third slot costs 6 diamonds. Players can unlock 7 new slots in total, each new one costing 3 more diadia than the previous one. Alternatively, they can spend a total of 105 diadia to completely upgrade their machine.


A total of 1,512 hours of production is required to master the Candy Machine:

Mastered Candy Machine
72 hrs
288 hrs
1,152 hrs
Mastery I.png Mastery II 5.png Candy Machine Mastery.png
+10% coincoin +5% xpxp 15% faster

Strategy tips

Did you know?

  • The Candy Machine is the only machine which is able to run for over a week with nine slots.

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