Buildings are one of the main features of the game. It is where players can store, make and trade items, shelter animals and serve town visitors.

Buildings can be found or placed on the farm, in the town or around the fishing lake.

The first building is unlocked at experience level 1. The last building is unlocked at experience level 80.

Buying buildings

Buildings must generally be bought or repaired using coins (coinCoins) although some are given for free.

Animal shelters, production buildings and service buildings are bought in the shop Shop Icon .

Players can generally only have one of each building, with a few exceptions (shelters notably).

Once bought and placed, buildings cannot be sold or stored.

Upgrading buildings

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Storage buildings and service buildings can be upgraded using supplies. Additional slots for production buildings can be unlocked using diamonds or, more rarely, coins.

Strategy tips

  • At the beginning of the game think carefully before you cut down trees or remove rocks on your farm. You will need increasing space for new buildings and supplies can be hard to get so try and clear areas which will give you as much space as possible.
  • On the other hand keep in mind that 'natural' trees --as opposed to those bought in the shop as decorations-- change with seasons, and that decorative rocks and ponds do not look like 'natural' ones.
  • If you do not focus on leveling up quickly at first you will always have enough money by the time a new building is unlocked.

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